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  1. Hlavco

    Advice needed - how do you grow a following?

    From what I've seen, unless you're so talented or distinctive that your work goes viral early on, a major factor is just... posting a lot of stuff. Everything you upload to FA gets a few seconds of screentime on the front page, and that often leads to a couple favorites or, if you're lucky, a...
  2. Hlavco

    What is it called when a character is anthro and ferial?

    I think I've seen "semi-feral" used for this sort of body type.
  3. Hlavco


    Oh, hey, that worked. Thanks!
  4. Hlavco


    Can we choose not to have a "Featured submission"? It starts out empty by default, but I accidentally chose one and now it won't go away.
  5. Hlavco

    "The Wild", A wannabe "Madagascar".

    Haven't seen "The Wild", but I didn't enjoy "Madagascar".
  6. Hlavco

    *Prepares for raging fanboys*

    Here's a page with a few of the lesser-known music similarities (Sky Runner is nothing like Won't Get Fooled Again, though). Ones not mentioned include the Hippie/Frank battle music which is very similar to Johnny B. Goode, and the short loop that plays when the Dungeon Man is following you...
  7. Hlavco


    Yo, is there any way to watch a user's art but not their journals? I've got some people that draw cool pictures, but they update their journals way too often and it gets annoying sometimes.
  8. Hlavco

    If you woke up and were a furry.

    I think the religious folk would be happy about this, because it would be a gigantic "IN YOUR FACE!" to the science-y types.
  9. Hlavco

    YouTube Poop: The Best!

    I think this is the most well-made series of poops I've seen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qu3ejO7ElQU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4tG0VA5Hng They're Scooby-Doo-based.
  10. Hlavco

    If you woke up and were a furry.

    If I woke up, and was a pichu, I'd... roll over and go back to sleep because I always seem to wake up early in the morning before I want to get up, and want to sleep a few more hours. Leter that morning, after getting out of bed and working my way up to the doorknob, I would go about my routine...
  11. Hlavco

    Pokemon Platinum Release Date!

    LeafGreen and FireRed were remakes, that's why he doesn't know where to place them.
  12. Hlavco


    Bolt looks just like my White Shepherd. Well, a few months ago when he was still small. Anyway, the original plot seems like Homeward Bound with CGI and bunnies.
  13. Hlavco

    Youtube poop

    I like when people make decent poops out of things that aren't pooped often. A Yogi Bear one. Akeelah and the Bee.
  14. Hlavco

    Pokemon Platinum Release Date!

    Wait. Kanto didn't have new pokemon. Kanto has the old, OLD pokemon. You mean Johto? I think Generation 1 was the only one with overwhelmingly 'good' pokemon. 2, 3, and 4 had a few good ones in each, but they were hidden in a mass of pokemon ranging from 'mediocre' to 'crap'. I'd just like to...
  15. Hlavco

    WHat kind of car do you have?

    I've got a 2003 Chevrolet S10. There's a link to pictures in my signature, but they're out of date. I've since gotten new rims and a bed cover.
  16. Hlavco

    What Pokemon are you?

  17. Hlavco

    Magical Cat

    My cat climbs the ladder into the attic whenever it's open, and stays up there for hours. My uncle had a dog that followed him up a ladder onto the roof of his house while he was fixing the shingles.
  18. Hlavco

    Redwall books questions!

    I see them at Barnes and Noble in the Fantasy section. Also in the Young Adults section of my library.
  19. Hlavco


    RE: Southpaw? I usually make my characters do what I do. I'm a lefty, but I play sports right handed, so that makes everyone sorta weird.
  20. Hlavco

    Horton hears a who

    Unless it's a drive-in. But I only go there in the summertime.