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  1. J

    What is your favorite band?

    Lady Gaga. Even though she's not a band.
  2. J

    What's Something You Learnt Today?

    I learned that looks can be deceiving. No, seriously, look in the mirror.
  3. J

    The Talk...

    It could if you're a vegetarian. BLUE DICK SOUP, ANYONE? :D
  4. J

    Furfags by age

    I turned 17 last month. :D I can drive now! Well, I say can drive....am allowed to drive. Ability to is currently non-existant. Yay for nearly crashing into a bus on a roundabout! :D
  5. J

    What's WRONG with you?

    About 5 of my friends have all independantly told me they think I have Bipolar. Oh joy. And I'm not crazy, my reality is just different to everyone elses. EDIT: Oh, and Athsma. That ones a bitch. And about 500 allergies to everything (including fur >.<)
  6. J

    The General Election

    Nick and Dave.....God help us all. Sounds like a Chav civil partnership. Before you know it, there will be lots of little Cleggletts running around, and Jan Moir will be shouting at them.
  7. J

    The General Election

    Don't you python me. Wheres the foetus going to gestate, are you going to keep it in a box? ......wait a second...... GODDAMMIT, CAMERON!!!
  8. J

    The General Election

    Thats a bright side? O_O
  9. J

    The General Election

    No, the Telegraph. A spelling mistake, apparently. oh, and NEWS: DAVID CAMERON IS NOW PRIMINISTER Bugger......
  10. J

    The General Election

    If only. Its like the spelling mistake the Physics world had been waiting for for years finally arrived.... The Large Hardon Collider. Apparently it was in a UK National Newspaper xD
  11. J


    Fur. Even though I'm allergic. And can't go near the stuff. Paradox there I feel....
  12. J

    The General Election

    Who, little Gordy Brown? Bless him, he's such an idiot. He was awesome as Chancellor, but crap as PM. And our sarah palin (whoever it turns out to be) probably doesnt shoot people. Might punch them in the face if its john prescott, though. Also, new way to sort out a hung parliament: Total...
  13. J

    The General Election

    It probably didn't help that she said 'So where are all these Eastern European immigrants coming from then?'. Bit of an obvious question if you ask me. But, to be honest, I hate the whole goverment in the UK. I reckon we should scrap the lot and start again from the bottom (Ie. re-elect...
  14. J

    Coming Out: The Thread (Continued)

    Basically, my mam has kinda found out through hacking - yes, she actually hacked something, despite being unable to work a DVD player - my facebook. Since then she's made my life a living hell. I've gone back to how I was at 12 - completely hating myself for who I am. Which is stupid. I can't...
  15. J

    did i just see what i thought i saw?!?

  16. J

    Hi, I guess. ;-;

    Richard sent meh :) You will succumb to the sexiness of the mugshots thread...... JOIN US!!!!!! Also, welcome to the forums :) Have a small packet of Wheatabix :) *hands you a small packet of Wheatabix*. Ooh, and some Oreos. :)
  17. J

    Thoughts about male underwears

    Aaah. Im a boxerbrief person then :) I really want some keyhole front ones, but i cant get any :(
  18. J

    Thoughts about male underwears

    What are boxer briefs? Whats the difference between them and boxers?
  19. J

    Just got my highschool letterman jacket and....

    The postman?!? I dunno. My school's sixth formers just got customised hoodies for the end of their school year. They were quite cool, actually.
  20. J

    Classic Disney.

    Lion King is my favourite movie ever. Also, I just rewatched Tarzan and forgot how good the sound track was. Phil Collins did that. And I never knew Brian Blessed was the bad guy!