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  1. Peacewalker

    Friends who autoinvite themselves

    I have this friend who keeps autoinviting, I mean, I like him, he's a good a friend and everything but, maybe I have something to do and I don't want anybody at home. So what should I say? No? C'mon, I don't want to be an asshole , so I could invent an excuse, and that's fine but it's like 3...
  2. Peacewalker

    And another noob comes here

    Hi all, I'm Peacewalker (or Frydie, or Lendash, or Gazegold, I have to stop making nicknames) I love Videogames, I've played lot of them. I dare you, say a videogame that I haven't played :) "But if you like Videogames, why are you here?" Someone may asks Well, I don't know, some days ago I was...