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  1. DimskyTheOwl

    Comic collaboration? Looking for a writer/ I'm offering to do artwork for free

    Anyone interested in doing a short comic collaboration, maybe, perhaps..? I'd be looking for an author/ writer, but we could also still collab on the story. I'd be willing to do all the artwork for free and this would be a good opportunity to get complex with my art and expressiveness. I've...
  2. DimskyTheOwl

    Does anyone use ArtStation?

    I've never checked it out until know and I'm wondering how it does with furry art n' stuff? Is it a good alternative to Deviant art? It seems to be for more quality art and I might wait a while before I actually start posting there, but still interested.
  3. DimskyTheOwl

    What type of furry comics do you want to see more of?

    Since this forum seems dead I don't want to post this here, but oh well. There really doesn't seem to be much furry comic diversity out there, it's mostly porn or empty cliche romance with not much else included. The only ones I can think of right now that aren't that is Lackadaisy and Two...
  4. DimskyTheOwl

    Free Art: more free sketches

    Opening gain, but this time just doing normal sketches, just spam reference sheets and I'll pick and choose c:
  5. DimskyTheOwl

    Why the recent trend of artists hiding their gender?

    This might be an odd question, but Its just something I've noticed recently especially with a lot of porn artists. I have also seen it happen first-hand with a more personally known artist who stated hiding their gender has resulted in less 'weird' experiences and judgement. Is this true for...