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  1. crankybat

    Guro/Alternative themed Iron Artist! Mature-OR-Adult: $20 shaded pieces

    33 slots available, many are taken, but many are not! remaining themes include AMPUTATION, SURGERY, PARASITES, INSECTS, NOSEBLEED, and many more! <3<3<3 I am open to suggestion for pose/content, although I reserve the right to have artistic freedom on these. I am VERY happy with how all of...
  2. crankybat

    3-slot GURO prepose auction! ends 8/18

    i really want all the slots on this to fill! ; w ;" guro theme pic involving amputation <3 2 female characters sawing the leg off an unfortunate fur.. they already got one of their arms~ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11332429/ [nsfw for nudity and gore/violence] starting bid for each slot is...
  3. crankybat

    cranky commissions!

    go here for my general price guide: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11221286/ my commission info can be found there. you can email me at crankybat34@gmail.com if you're interested or have any questions! i will draw almost anything, my 'no draw list' is pretty much limited to underage NSFW. my...
  4. crankybat

    looking for feedback

    hey, new artist to FA here! i was looking for some feedback on my work. i only have a couple things up in the gallery right now, but any comments would be appreciated! *-*/ even if you like it, it helps to hear specifically what you like or don't like. thanks!~...