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  1. Syclo


    If it's SoC, I recommend the Zone Reclamation Project mod for bug fixes and other small tweaks that don't affect the original game play. Complete 2009 makes the game a bit easier but it fixes some bugs as well and has an amazing graphics overhaul.
  2. Syclo


    I'm interested to see what the modding community could do provided GSC builds a new engine. I'm doing an AMK run of SoC right now but I'm really interested in trying out the "I Work Alone" mod for Call of Pripyat since it's supposed to be fantastic. Cheers for Stalker 2 staying in development.
  3. Syclo

    Goodbye, STALKER :c

    I don't think sales were I problem considering they sold about 2 million copies in 2008. I have to admit, since I saw this, I died a little bit on the inside. I'm replaying SoC for the third time with AMK 1.4 and absolute structures/nature mod. It's so fucking good.
  4. Syclo

    ur a nig

    ur a nig
  5. Syclo

    Species List Update

    Fuck yes Coyotes
  6. Syclo

    Anyone here played eversion?

    Played the free version, got the different endings. Is the Steam version much differenet? Great game though
  7. Syclo

    Dead Island

    The in game option is kinda shitty. I've just been using the Dead Island Helper to adjust it.
  8. Syclo

    Dead Island

    Dunno if anyone else mentioned it in the thread, but the only big problem I have with the game is the amount of bloom in it. Currently looking for an easy fix to tone it down.