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  1. εїзRattieεїз

    Suggestions for Drawing Tablet?

    While I like bamboo tablets generally, I have a lot of salt towards the Intuos Pros. Had one for just over a year, and the tiny USB port in the tablet came loose. It was within warranty, so I got it replaced for free. A year and a couple months after that, same thing happened. Decided I couldnt'...
  2. εїзRattieεїз

    Why Is Furry Art So Hard For You?

    Snouts. And cats. Everything about feline anthros I just can't get right yet.
  3. εїзRattieεїз

    Pro or anti yiff?

    Damn you really are a cranky one xD
  4. εїзRattieεїз

    Pro or anti yiff?

    You didn't offend me, so no worry about not apologising hahaha I recognise your position and opinions on it. But it's still a skilled practice, and if they're making money off of it, like I hope to do some time, more power to 'em I'd say. Sex definitely sells, in every industry, subliminally or...
  5. εїзRattieεїз

    Pro or anti yiff?

    If you draw at all, you know how much skill, practice, time, and effort it takes to draw erotic art, furry or otherwise. Maybe it is pornographic in nature, but it definitely takes skill, and is definitely an art form, whether you like it or not.
  6. εїзRattieεїз


    For tattoos I have a portrait of my bearded dragon under my left collarbone. He's a bit hard to read so I need to go get him touched up, either with more contrast or line art. I want a three circle venn diagram of CMYK colours to appease my artist side as well as some more reptile related ones...
  7. εїзRattieεїз

    Have You Ever Been Bitten By A Wild Animal? (aside From Insects/spiders)

    I've been bit by mostly by snakes and lizards lol Nothing that exciting.
  8. εїзRattieεїз

    If you could have any pet...

    A Ring Tailed Lemur without a doubt :) My favourite animals in the world gahhh I love them so much. I've never even seen one in person :(
  9. εїзRattieεїз

    Pro or anti yiff?

    Honestly I'm just getting into the furry realms of things, but I love drawing and looking at it. I always have been drawn to more erotic themes of writing, pictures, shows, movies, music, you name it. So naturally this just seems to be another thing I like. It's fun to draw. I dont' have any...
  10. εїзRattieεїз

    Lineart Preference?

    A lot of art out there has varying styles. Some super clean and smooth and pristine and shiny, and others rough, loose, gritty, and 'free' in a sense. Do you have a preference over one or the other? Or does it depend on the mood of the image, the artist themselves, or other varying independent...
  11. εїзRattieεїз

    Finally putting my feet in the water...

    No promises, I'm not the best at swimming... I was getting in pretty deep yesterday.
  12. εїзRattieεїз

    meerkat manor

    Man I haven't watched that in years. I used to love it though. It was honestly the first television show to ever make me cry
  13. εїзRattieεїз

    What is your drink of choice?

    Hot americano, black, preferably a 20oz with three shots of espresso or a 16oz with two or three shots depending on how much I feel like I need it. Other than that, I can settle for whatever house coffee a place has . Basically, strong, hot, black coffee is my stuff ;)
  14. εїзRattieεїз

    Finally putting my feet in the water...

    I actually really enjoy drawing anthros, I just have never had the idea or want to until recently! Naturally I'm going to have to do some more feral animal drawings to work on my all over animal anatomy. And we have four bearded dragons, a leopard gecko, 6 crested geckos, and a gargoyle gecko...
  15. εїзRattieεїз

    Finally putting my feet in the water...

    Hey all, I'm Rattie :) Been admiring the furry community from afar, been an avid animal lover my whole life, and dabbling here and there with fursuits, fursonas, furry art. I'm a freelancing artist, mostly just doing commissions right now but am also working on a graphic novel that's been in the...