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  1. Cronus616

    Full View

    EDIT: FIXED Some smart person was able to contact me and tell me what was wrong. Thanks ^-^
  2. Cronus616

    Fursona Picture

    REQUEST TAKEN AND COMPLETED by SunGoddessAmaterasu, and she did a fantastic job ^-^ I'm requesting a picture of my fursona from any very nice artists out there ^-^ Yeah I know free is a lot to ask, so I won't take offense if no one wants to. Description: ¤ Here is my fursona bio...
  3. Cronus616

    First fursona pic? :3

    [edit] closed.
  4. Cronus616

    Games with Furries?

    OR games with furry playable creatures? I have the game Okami; I'm sure at least some of you know about it. You play as a celestial white wolf goddess that totally kicks ass. I still think it's one of the best PS2 games out there, it was voted somewhere in the top 10 for PS2 games of 2007 or...
  5. Cronus616

    Hai Everyone ^-^

    - Hai, just joined :D - I really really like anthro art, which I prefer to call it. I don't know, I just prefer anthro to furry. I'm hoping to have a good time here ^-^ - While I'm here I might as well explain how I got into anthro. When I was like 6 or 7 I had this crazy dream I was an anthro...