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  1. Chuong Cho Soi

    Furfaggotry at it's Finest?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpwJfgdzMLU This is where it gets gross! Not all furries are portrayed this way! And those who do this, I feel sorry for them.
  2. Chuong Cho Soi

    FurSpace is down?!?!

    www.furspace.com I went on FurSpace and the page was blank. Does anyone else have this problem? What happened there?
  3. Chuong Cho Soi

    What would you do if your friends turned into furries?

    Enough about YOU! Let's talk about your friends at least. What would you do when you wake up one day and saw that your friends turned into anthros (or furry to say the least)?
  4. Chuong Cho Soi

    Furry Self Consciousness

    One day in college after my study and reading, someone asked me if I'm a furry so I said yes. Then he asks does my fursona wear clothes, have stripes on fur, etc. My fursona wears clothes like humans doesn't have stripes on fur, etc. The last question he asked if my fursona talks to only furries...
  5. Chuong Cho Soi

    What other ways can I improve poses?

    Many furries draw their fursonas in different poses whether it's breakdancing, running, standing, flying, shooting, etc. The way I work on my poses when drawing with Flash is that before I draw, I would pose in front of a mirror or use my arms to improve perspective. Sometimes, I would use a...
  6. Chuong Cho Soi

    Winged Fursonas

    Is it me or do most furries have a winged fursona? Someone here on the forums thought most furries have a winged fursona. To me, I thought they have a winged fursona to look cool and of course to fly. Furries like me don't need wings on our backs because when we hide, it makes it easier for us...
  7. Chuong Cho Soi

    Furry Video Sharing Site

    My British friend showed me this. http://blog.wolfeedarkfang.com/?p=69 I hate to do this but it appears someone is planning to create the furry version of YouTube. It'll take a lot to set up such a website. After reading his post and ideas of creating this site, I had suspicions about his...
  8. Chuong Cho Soi

    Fursonas based on National Animals

    I noticed some furries have a fursona based on the local animals in their country. But I have yet to see a fursona based on the national animal in their respective country. For example, I have yet to see an American furry whose fursona is the bald eagle or a Russian furry whose fursona is a...
  9. Chuong Cho Soi

    Furry and the Drama

    People often say that the furry fandom has too much drama. The blame goes on most furries including me. Now, instead of furries bitching about drama, what about furries looking at themselves and see what they did wrong and what they can do to fix their problems. I am not perfect obviously and...
  10. Chuong Cho Soi


    Okay I forgot this Introduction thread thing! I should've known this! XD I'm Chuong Cho Soi, a Vietnamese male wolf with a rude sense of humor. This is my first time on a forum and sometimes, I feel like a noob! XD I'm a fun seeker and a joke maker but most of the time, I prefer to jump in to...
  11. Chuong Cho Soi

    If you woke up and you became your fursona?

    What would you do? This is the question that has been floating among the furry fandom since the start. Interesting I must say. If you ask what I would do, I don't know. =^.^=;
  12. Chuong Cho Soi

    Just a Simple Question

    Why do people wear fursuits? I know the answer but like my friends, I wonder for more. (No I have nothing against fursuiters silly!)
  13. Chuong Cho Soi

    Who will be the mother of Michael Jackson's kids?

    http://extratv.warnerbros.com/2009/07/who_will_mother_jacksons_kids.php I've been watching the news and the drama gets a lot higher. Now this is a very tough question so I decide to post a poll here on who should be the mother and why. This is the toughest question I have faced in my entire life.
  14. Chuong Cho Soi

    Furthia High

    http://furthiahigh.concessioncomic.com/ Furthia High to me is funny and interesting. I like furry webcomics with humor. Anyways, what do you think of Furthia High? Are you a fan of it? Or perhaps if you're the one who gives critiques, what can be done better in this webcomic?
  15. Chuong Cho Soi


    Remember this? Ohhhhh you touched my tralala. Mmmm my ding ding dong. I like Günther because the Ding Dong Song is funny and a few of his songs are funny too. As sexy his music videos are with those hot spicy girls, I think he's great in general whether its his songs alone or his music...
  16. Chuong Cho Soi

    Chinese Song of an Ugly Girl

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6hcXEG4fpA There's some English to this song. Also there's English subtitles in this video to translate the Chinese. Enjoy and laugh.
  17. Chuong Cho Soi

    What's your favorite action game?

    I like Halo. What's your favorite action game?
  18. Chuong Cho Soi

    Furzis or Furry Nazis

    As the title says, I will be talking about furzis or furry Nazis. Furzis are these furries who have an interest in Nazis but most have a uniform fetish on Nazi uniforms. So you ask me what I think of them? Here's what I think of these furzis. This is something I consider very new and impossible...
  19. Chuong Cho Soi

    Fantasy Fiction or Science Fiction

    I noticed most furries are into one of these fictions; fantasy or science. If you ask me what fiction I'm into, obviously I will say science fiction. Knowing that I like Halo and Metal Gear Solid (and of course other actions games like Gears of War), I must like science fiction as well. Now...
  20. Chuong Cho Soi

    Furry is the most bizarre fetish?

    According to this link: http://listverse.com/2007/09/24/top-10-bizarre-fetishes/ Furry Fandom is the most bizarre fetish. That's what happens when a bunch of dumbass furverts who can't keep it to themselves shove their bullshit Furry Pride around in public while selling yiffy shit in furry...