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    My buddy calls me over today and tells me to look at this e-mail he got sent labelled "Weird shit" I take a look - and am surprised to see furry pics attached to the documents. He says, "These people are weird, eh?" and I, being the coward I am, just say, "Ja... weird..." This sort of thing...
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    Anyone willing to do a commision paid through Moneybookers?

    Yes, Moneybookers. They're an e-wallet along similar lines (including security level) to Pay-pal, only with the added advantage of accepting bank transfers from even such places as South Africa (meaning I don't need to get a credit card :P ) If anyone is willing to do a commision for me despite...
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    Help a kitty?

    Ola all, new guy here :P I'm looking for someone to do a nice coloured sketch/ink of my fursona, preferably in the pricerange of around $25-$30. Any takers? Problem though: Due to my South African, credit card-less status, I can only pay through Moneybookers (only e-wallet that accepts bank...
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    Ola All

    Ola all, new guy here. Nick is Badekitty as you see and my fursona is a cat. I can't draw, paint, sketch or otherwise to save my life, but I write decently (I like to think so XD ) Good to be here :)