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  1. DepressedNutella

    Why is there no "tickle" category?

    I would have assumed this is one of the more popular ones? Or is it really that unpopular? I see there's pregnancy in there, hyper and water sports too, but I can't really see how these are any more popular than tickle?
  2. DepressedNutella

    Should animal abuse be punishable by prison time?

    You have a case like this where three people publicly gloat and have a laugh on their Facebook about capturing three mice in a pot, and boiling them alive. They're from Australia, and over there it is illegal to do something like that. At the very moment the RSPCA is investigating it, but I just...
  3. DepressedNutella

    Does your fursona have ticklish feet/paws?

    Welllll? :-D
  4. DepressedNutella

    Does your character have ticklish paws?

    Welllll? :-D
  5. DepressedNutella

    Where do you draw the line with animal cruelty?

    I mean, yeah, we have to kill animals sometimes. But shit like this - isn't it going a little too far?
  6. DepressedNutella

    Are you ticklish?

    I have a love-hate relationship with tickling. I'm ticklish as heck, and it's fun in some situations - but downright annoying in others. STOP POKING ME GODDAMNIT! I DON'T WANT TO BE POKED WHILE FPSing! ARRGH! :mad: I am ticklish pretty much everywhere - my sides and feet being the worst. How...