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  1. QueenSekhmet

    I Wanna Play A Mini.

    so here's the deal: i wanna do a RP where i play as a mini/micro (non-furry. SFW). if anyone is interested,feel free to hit me up and we can figure out story details,characters ect (perhaps it could take place in a world where humans and mini humans co-exist but,since being so small has it's...
  2. QueenSekhmet

    Pokesona Help?

    not sure if this is the place for this but whatever: i desire a pokesona (pokemon persona. doubt i have to explain that but again,whatever) but,just like with my fursonas i'm kinda stuck so..... how do you figure one should go about designing their pokesona? i find it even harder than with a...
  3. QueenSekhmet


    where my steampunks at? for those who don't know,steampunk is a sub-genre/sub-culture that centers around a mix between the victorian age and the industrial revolution (or in other words: victorian age but there are steam-powered robots and airship pirates). like pretty much any...
  4. QueenSekhmet

    Star Trek: Enterprise...

    has THE best star trek theme song in the history of star trek and possibly the live-action theme song ever.
  5. QueenSekhmet

    Furry Or Funny Animal?

    once upon a time the furry fandom went under a very different name: the funny animal fandom until one day some guy coined the term "furry" and it stuck. so my question is: do you prefer the name funny animal or furry to describe the fandom? i'm team funny animal.
  6. QueenSekhmet

    Lackadaisy Anyone?

    SO! how many lackadaisy fans are out there? in case you don't know,"Lackadaisy is a webcomic created by American artist Tracy J. Butler. Set in a Prohibition-era 1927 St. Louis with a population of anthropomorphic cats, the plot chronicles the fortunes of the Lackadaisy speakeasy after its...
  7. QueenSekhmet

    Where My Digimon Fans At?

    yo! so i recently ordered a new DIM card for my vital bracelet (for those not in the know: a vital bracelet is sort of like a fitbit but better because it comes with a digimon friend you can level up and have as a exercise and a DIM card is the card you plug into the bracelet with the a...
  8. QueenSekhmet

    Fursona Help.

    yo! ok,so long story short i have been struggling to settle on a fursona for YEARS now and clearly need help pin-pointing it. my question is this: how do you figure out a fursona when you're unsure what to pick? for better context,i have had a forceful tigress socialite,a fancy cat...