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  1. Raul

    Snake Week!

    So we all know there is a Shark Week, and a Fat Bunnies week. But What about Snakes? We deserve recognition too! We've been around nearly as long as sharks anyhow, not to mention we are super cool. So Snake Week is an expression of Slithery scaly goodness! Celebrating snakes in all their...
  2. Raul

    Ronnie James Dio: Rock in Peace

    Yesterday on the 16th of May 2010 at 7:45am, Ronnie James Dio died of stomach cancer. He was 67 years old. May he Rock in Peace. http://new.music.yahoo.com/ronnie-james-dio/news/--62001717
  3. Raul

    MAG: FurAffinity clan

    Howdy! I was just wondering if there were enough of you deviant freaks with a copy of MAG and an internet connection to make a clan? I play Valour (and I spell it correctly, being British and all) so if you want in on 'dis, then post here!
  4. Raul


    Or Massive Action Game. It looks so coool! It has up to 256 players, and you're either in, or in charge of, an 8 man squad, a 32 man platoon, or a 128 man army. This is the trailer. It looks so cool! PS3 exclusive though, so bad luck you 360 gamers. This looks so much better than that average...
  5. Raul

    Free Art Trades!

    So here is a place where you trade art for free! Anyone is welcome to come and post their art! To start, I did Amber/Avinz, because she did a farken aweresome pictar of me!
  6. Raul

    What the hell kind of Graphic Card slots do I have?

    Long title I know, but anyway. I am not the most computer savvy of people. I can just about get one going again after some software problems. But this is a little different. I've had my computer about a year now, and have been slowly upgrading it. First was the 2gb of RAM, then it was the...
  7. Raul

    Who is your favourite Cartoon villain?

    So yeah, I was just wondering who are peoples favourite cartoon villains. The antagonist often rocks much more socks (and cocks) than the protagonist. Its quite simple the way it works, Just post who your favourite cartoon villain is! It doesn't have to be Disney or anything. Just your...
  8. Raul

    Samurai story update! ITS FINISHED

    I guess this is information, and it has to do with FA, so I post it here! As some of you may be aware, I am embarking on an FA exclusive story about Samurai and whatnot. It stars characters from Emil, Kloudmutt, Madame (A.K.A Sarcasticmarten), Nightintodream and Bowrll (and me of course)...
  9. Raul

    Naruto Shippuuden 40-41

    Who else thought that this special sucked absolute balls? I watched it today, and I can honestly say that it was the biggest waste of 45 minutes in front of a computer screen in the world ever! :spoilers: The only good bits were when Kabuto got owned by Naruto, and Naruto smacked Orochimaru in...
  10. Raul

    revenge of the "draw the person above you thread"

    Draw the person above you 2! (same rules as before!) Due to the old thread reaching just over a thousand posts, it will soon be locked and Archive'd. So I start this new one! Id celebrate by drawing the person above me, but there isn't one, so maybe the next person to post should celebrate in...
  11. Raul

    Characters needed! (closed! fo' realz this time!)

    WE ARE NOW FULL! Let this thread sink to the bottom and diiiiiieeeee...I will post updates in a new thread as needed.
  12. Raul

    Raul's Comic Caper!

    Okay, very simple, I would like to do a furry related comic. Probably web based. As I can't draw for beans, I need someone that can draw to do the pictures of the comic. I will be writing the script etc. Anyone that is interested, please send an e-mail with your intent and a sample of your...
  13. Raul

    Story! (gasp!)

    Yeah yeah, I know what your thinking "A story isn't art!", but yeah, it is actually. Anyhoo...I'm open for commissions etcetera, I'll write practically anything too. If you want examples of my work, check the links in my sig. Also, if you want a story over six thousand words, then I'll have...
  14. Raul


    y'ello...I'm here to get more famous! See my signature links of awesome to see my stuff! Feel free to add me and stuff. I DO STORY COMISSIONS! Incidentally, I'm not new to the "furry scene", nor am I new to FA...It's just that I decide now to make an account on da forums! :D