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  1. Xevvy

    Any artists interested in collaborating on a Visual Novel?

    Update: This thread was a resounding success and we've released our public demo! You can check it out here: Xevvy - itch.io Howdy all! I figure this is something of a long shot, but you'll never know if you never try. Many years ago, a small group of friends and myself began working on a...
  2. Xevvy

    The Village That Never Sleeps needs a new talented artist!

    Hi everybody, I really hope I'm not stepping on anybodies toes by posting this here. This will be long winded, that my style unfortunately, but please hear me out. This is important to me. I'm the project leader on The Village That Never Sleeps, a gay, furry, visual model project 1.5 years in...
  3. Xevvy


    Hey all, Been around FA for a while, and in the furry community even longer, but finally decided to make an account here on these boards. Why? Well, I've always tried to keep the furry community at arms length, but got dug into another, smaller community a couple of years ago which I've since...