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  1. Qoph

    2013-09-12 Database Migration

    FurAffinity is currently in Read Only mode for planned maintenance. Databases are being moved onto new servers. Estimated time for maintenance is 24-48 hours.
  2. Qoph


    FA is offline to work on some of the site database. Expect the site to return within a few hours. Note that this work will log out all users and delete any previous session data. The old data will be kept as a backup just in case it's ever necessary. Will update as needed.
  3. Qoph

    Firefox Live

    A live web-cast of red panda cubs from the Knoxville zoo. http://firefoxlive.mozilla.org/
  4. Qoph

    Election Day thread

    Okay, quick rules: -It's probably best not to say who you voted for. Nobody can 'make' you reveal this either. -No flaming someone who voted for a bureaucrat that you don't like. -No 'suk it bitchez' comments if the guy you voted for/ guy other guy voted for wins/loses. That being said, this...
  5. Qoph

    WhateverYouPrefur V. MadeFurYou(AzureCoyote)

    I've pretty much narrowed my search for a fursuit maker down to these two. Does anyone have any experience with either, or other advice?
  6. Qoph

    Shit you wrote as a kid.

    I recently dug up some stuff I wrote early in elementary school. This stuff is fucking hilarious, at least to me. If you want to read it, go here http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1142394/ "I wasn't therstey because every now and then I saw a puddle of water. I had to eat green stuff that I...
  7. Qoph

    I require aid

    Okay so, this semester I'm going to community college because it was too late to transfer after I got out of that other place. Still, it would be better to get my next school lined up sooner rather than later. So, I need help from people who have attended college around the Pittsburgh area to...
  8. Qoph

    I need a new laptop

    Okay I'm out of that school, but they took back the laptop they provided andnow Ineed a new one. Um, don't recommend that I build my own because that won't end well. I was looking at prices and reviews online and this one seemed pretty good: http://tinyurl.com/yaf9c3o If you have any...
  9. Qoph

    Pittsburgh furs: Heard of this group?

    I remember a while back my dad told me he heard about a group of furries that meets every now and then in the Panera in Wexford. This is about 5 minutes from my house, so if you have any info I'd appreciate it.
  10. Qoph

    SSH tunnel... failed. (need help)

    OKAY SO I TRIED TO SET UP AN SSH TUNNEL WITH THIS http://www.ytechie.com/2008/05/set-up-a-windows-ssh-tunnel-in-10-minutes-or-less.html HERE'S WHAT HAPPENED: So could someone please help me with this... if I can't get this working then I'm stuck with my school's ruthless port...
  11. Qoph

    Today on the Glenn Beck Cooking Show: Frog Legs

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mi1MKSxK01w Apparently, he threw a live frog into a pot of boiling water to make some kind of point that may or may not exist is some form. He claimed that it would jump right out if the water was boiling, but stay in if it was slowly heated up to boiling...
  12. Qoph

    Looking for some sort of art mentor

    It took me a while to figure out, but I eventually realized that I'm not going to go very far without some sort of teacher or mentor to help me and keep me on track. I really don't have the time for a class with a part time job and college starting in a few weeks. I'd appreciate anybody that...
  13. Qoph

    Scary poll - 40% of Americans think homosexual relations should be illegal

    http://www.gallup.com/poll/1651/Gay-Lesbian-Rights.aspx Keep in mind that this is between consulting adults. Also, while the general trend appears to be somewhat positive, notice how the 'should not be legal' has basically stagnated since 1990. More stats... Only 57% said that...
  14. Qoph

    Should I jsut stop now

    Things are pretty hopeless. I'm doing infinitely times worse thatn I was when I was first starting, I can't even draw a f ucking circle right anyomre. I can't sit down for two minutes to draw without haveing a fucking nervous breakdown. Is it fucking hopels for me and should I just stop...
  15. Qoph

    Need help

    If I can't start to get this stuff right I might just stop altogether. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2400250/
  16. Qoph

    Image/Thumbnail Problems: WHOA-HO! (giant image)

    So I'm going through the random browse option, and suddenly this one giant image comes up. Not a big problem or anything, but I'm pretty sure that you guys want to knw about these things when they come up.
  17. Qoph

    Anthro anatomy

    Okay, I've been around here for a while, and I've seen all kinds of different ways to draw anthro characters. Some have human knees that bend forward, others have backwards knees. Some have human hands and feet, some have paws. Some have hair and some don't, Etc. Is there some sort of...
  18. Qoph

    How the hell do I MOTIVATE myself?

    Basically this is how my night went. I got some old random sketch pad, cleared off my desk a little. I drew a few random lines on the pad. Then I got an eraser to erase them with and... ew, this eraser has a mysterious sticky orange substance on it. I spend the next 5 minutes trying to...
  19. Qoph

    My thoughts upon joining this forum...

    Well, I did it. I joined this forum. It's kind of obvious to all of you, but to me, raised Christian in a conservative neighborhood, it was kind of difficult to overcome the norms that told me what I was doing was wrong, even though I truly wanted to join. Well, I don't share my personal info...