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  1. Vespula Vulgaris

    Good Places to get/good ways to make Insect costumes/acessories?

    Hi. I have an insect Fursona, which makes it difficult for me to find places to buy acessories/costumes or tutorials on how to make them. Does anyone here know of any?
  2. Vespula Vulgaris

    Give me 5 reasons why u luv being a furry! :D

    I'm new to the Fandom, but I've gotten over my shyness pretty quickly. I'm proud of being a furry now. I love it. Here are 5 reasons why:1. I have a place to show off my artwork.2. I get to explore different parts of my personality.3. I have a reason to start drawing again.4. I get to meet new...
  3. Vespula Vulgaris

    3DS friend code exchange!

    Hi! I wanna exchange friend codes! Mine is in my signature and my name is Tetsuko. And if you have Pokémon X or Y, I'm a blond boy named Ryker on there, and we can trade and battle and game chat and stuff!
  4. Vespula Vulgaris

    Can I edit my user name?

    Hi. When I registered I assumed that this site, like most other forum sites, didn't allow spaces in user names, so I used an underscore in mine. But, now I see that you can have spaces on here, so I want to get this ridiculous underscore out of my name. Is it possible? If it is, how do I do it?
  5. Vespula Vulgaris

    Opposite gender Fursonas

    Hi. I am a female, and so is my main Fursona, Vespula. But my side sona is a male Raptor (Dinosaur) named Aldric. He's a character from when I considered myself to be androgynous, and I was very much in touch with my masculine side. I still definitely have a hidden masculine side, even though I...
  6. Vespula Vulgaris

    I just need someone to talk to

    Hi. Everyone is probably sick of seeing all my self-concious posts by now, but I'm still so awkward, and I was at work today editing my profile while I was on break, and every time someone walked by, I'd click on a different tab, and I cleared out the search history. I felt like I was hiding...
  7. Vespula Vulgaris

    Am I really a furry?

    Hi. Everyone says that there are certain requirements to being a furry, instead of just being a person who likes animals.1. You think you're not completely human, or not human at all: It's a relief to know that when I was younger and I believed that I was the reincarnation of a Velocioraptor and...
  8. Vespula Vulgaris

    Wearing furry accessories in public

    Hi. I'm somewhat new to the furry fandom, but I've just recently become more open about my furriness. I know that some furries have ears and tails and things they wear in public. I've seen a guy with a tail in my math class in college. I have antennas, but I've only worn them once to college...
  9. Vespula Vulgaris

    I've just admitted I'm a furry and I'm so shy about it...I need more friends on here

    Hi. I've just admitted to my family that I'm an insect furry with a wasp fursona. I'm shy and awkward and I'd really like some friends on here.
  10. Vespula Vulgaris

    Buzzz....I'm a wasp

    Hi. I'm a wasp. Nice to meet y'all.
  11. Vespula Vulgaris


    Hi. I'm new. I'm a bit embarrassed to be on here for some reason...idk why.