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  1. Sauvignon

    What is "the point" at which a person is worth saving?

    A friend of mine is pregnant, she just found out, and the guy that did it really is not going to be a father of any kind. He's an ass, basically. All I can think of is, what a poor fucking kid. I am pro abortion as a form of controlling the population of irresponsible people who can't/shouldn't...
  2. Sauvignon


    Name: Sauvignon Age: 27 Sex: Male Species: Ammo Wuff Height: 5'8" at the shoulder Weight: 300 lbs of muscle, teeth, and fur Appearance: - Hair and fur: Black and white and brown and white - Markings: Mark of the beast - Eye color: Red with lust and anger - Other features: Angry Behavior and...
  3. Sauvignon

    Constrict Anus 100 Times Everyday?

    Malarkey? or Effective way to Good-bye Depression? Hiroyuki Nishigaki thinks there is some merit to it. In his book, he also mentions denting naval 100 times everyday. If done for, perhaps, 10 years, it may be effective? What do you guys think?
  4. Sauvignon

    I Require A Classical Guitar

    I have suffered with my steel string dreadnought for far too long, and am finally in the market for a new classical guitar. Acoustic, nylon string, all solid wood, and cedar top. I want a quality instrument, but not one so expensive that I have to start dealing coke again. There are...