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  1. stablercake

    FWA 2016

    You could try flying or possibly leaving your vehicle somewhere outside of town and take Ubers everywhere :0
  2. stablercake

    What is the most cringeworthy thing you saw in/about the fandom?

    The "waste of money" thing is kind of exactly the reaction people say when I tell people I like drawing furry work and they tell me I'm wasting my talent on it. I know it's just your opinion, but it's really kinda rude sry. I wouldn't want to have a murrsuit, if I'm being honest that's mostly...
  3. stablercake

    Midwest furs

    I'm an Indy fur :3 I don't know of a Kokomo group either, but Indy has Whoozfur which from what I understand meets pretty frequently so there's an option if you're willing to make the trek! And I imagine a few call it home since MFF and Indy Fur Con still are things! Just less vocal in all the...
  4. stablercake

    Telling my parents im a furry?

    I like sorta told my mom today bc FWA came up in conversation and she was like halfway trying to convince me I wasn't one and was just doing it to sell artwork to weirdos and I just agreed to avoid having to talk about it lmao
  5. stablercake

    What is the most cringeworthy thing you saw in/about the fandom?

    Man. Yeah this and people showing profs their anime work (like non sequential art major profs) was hard, like I wasn't in the community in college but if I was I would have known there's a time and place for furry work and that time is really not Art School unless you're like a senior ILLU major...
  6. stablercake

    I need help with my first fursona

    Maybe you could take parts of each that you like and combine them? A lot of folks have hybrids!
  7. stablercake

    Open Relationships

    Well, content to love one person and content to have sex with one person are very different in my scenario and in most open relationships. The majority of people associate sex with romantic love and that's totally cool, I just don't as much. I did not love the partner I had sex with outside my...
  8. stablercake

    Open Relationships

    It's like WAY difficult terrain bc so many people enter into them and they weren't ready at all or one partner was actually just trying to make the other happy which sucks because it usually ruins the relationship! It's absolutely NOT for everyone and is def hard to understand if you're already...
  9. stablercake

    Open Relationships

    DISAGREE but you gotta be into that so it's a matter of opinion~ And I'm in an open relationship, we haven't acted on it in a few years but the option is always there. We just be sure to communicate and have condom protection be a part of any outside sexual encounters. I've been with another...
  10. stablercake

    I need help with my first fursona

    Uh k, so you're telling me I don't know who I am because I don't have a one true fursona? Lmao that's cute but you are super losing the plot, this is all for fun, you know that right? I don't need a "true fursona" or a "final form" to accept myself and be happy being me, if there were a furry...
  11. stablercake

    I need help with my first fursona

    Cool, I'm glad you came around. And I understand this is also just my opinion, but you can have 8 fursonas because the physical embodiment of someone as a furry isn't always the same day to day or even moment to moment! :)
  12. stablercake

    Thank you so much!! I really enjoyed making it jwj

    Thank you so much!! I really enjoyed making it jwj
  13. stablercake

    I need help with my first fursona

    Well it's really a matter of opinion isn't it, your opinion is that you can only have one final form I guess? So that's what you will do, and that's fine! But it's not fair to project your decisions and opinions in such a subjective (and imaginary I might add) space where everyone experiences...
  14. stablercake

    Why Are Foxes SO Popular!?

    I can pretty much guarantee it's because everyone still had a crush on this dude when the internet was young. Plus they're kind of dogs + cats which is the ultimate critter combo that's relatable to most people. Fluffy, cute, but also a dog sort of.
  15. stablercake

    I need help with my first fursona

    TBH I would say just go with your gut right now and make a sona based on your favorite animal or favorite few and make a hybrid. If you don't like it in a few months or you're inspired by someone else's character organically, you can change, there's nothing to say you can't have more than one...
  16. stablercake

    How to generate customers?

    I will agree with most of this advice, especially the social media bit, get on every platform you can and post good work and even post concepts and sketches to some of them, people love seeing the process! However, do not ever post a phone number to a public forum or flyer where customers are...
  17. stablercake

    Is this specific fur good for a bodysuit or just accents?

    Lmao what, you can't shut a thread down because someone called you out on your BS I mean heck you personally can't shut down a thread at all so the warning is p empty Kinda like this post actually, but I gotta follow this thread
  18. stablercake

    Thread for the weird by the weird.

    Possibly, but she thinks I'm THE WEIRDEST so I imagine I got my weirditude from my dad hahaha
  19. stablercake

    What banner ads do you get on this site?

    Paypal and apparently a website that wants me to subscribe for e-magazines?? Like...regular magazines are dead for a reason we don't want smaller more annoying versions of them.
  20. stablercake

    Thread for the weird by the weird.

    Depends on if you ask my friends or my mother :V Both would check the YES tickbox on "is she weird" but the percentages are wildly different, my mom would probably use like the biggest marker to check that box