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  1. Elessara

    Damnit; I'm stuck on wing positioning... Help?

    Ok, so; I have been itching to try my hand at a more complicated/ dynamic pose. I found me a nice photo reference and went to town... Then I got stuck. No problem right? I'll just google around and find me one or two more photo references... /sigh This plan isn't really panning out for me...
  2. Elessara

    Animal Crossing Wii (City Folk)

    I've just recently restarted my Animal Crossing life due to my previous one being deleted. grumble, grumble, grumble... I was just wondering if anyone out there still has/ plays this game and wouldn't mind being my AC buddy so I can have access to the things that are only availible by visiting...
  3. Elessara

    Is your "other half" a furry?

    The title explains it all. Me and my bf are both furries. We've been together for over five years and we get along great. ^_^ How about you?
  4. Elessara

    Join my Karma Contest!

    There are still plenty of spots availible. http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2401338
  5. Elessara

    Looking to possibly do a crafty trade.

    I have been in a rather crafty mood as of late so I'm thinking of maybe doing a trade with someone if they are interested. These are things that I can make and would be willing to trade off for something else that is "crafted" by you. Dreamcatchers http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4076508...
  6. Elessara

    Come join my Karma Contest!

    Details here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2401338 :grin:
  7. Elessara

    Gradients; What the hell am I doing wrong here?

    Maybe I'm doing it right and gradients are just a pain to use but the way that I have been doing it, these things always leave somewhat of an untouched(uncolored) outline that I have to go back and painstakingly correct pixels at a time to match the gradient. I use photoshop. Then I use either...
  8. Elessara

    What is your current living situation?

    Bored, curious and felt like making a poll. I live my boyfriend of five years and have for at least 3-4 of those years. EDIT Also the "I live alone" option includes children if you have any as well.
  9. Elessara

    Traditional, 2 semi-complex characters, complex bg, semi-real/detailed

    I am looking to get a piece for a Christmas present (Yes I am starting this early). Quick Rundown of what I want: ~Traditional: (Paint, markers, pencils, etc.) I want to be able to hang it up on a wall so I must be able to touch it. Possibly slightly bigger than an 8x10??? ~Semi-real/detailed...
  10. Elessara

    Inspire me. (Possible free artz)

  11. Elessara

    Possible wing commission.

    I just recently received my newest pair of tail and ears and I was thinking of possibly getting me a pair of wings made to complete the set. I've never looked into buying a pair of wings before so I really don't know what I'm looking for. (Big, small, plush, actually feathered, etc.) I do know...
  12. Elessara

    Yarn Porn Fetish

    You heard me. http://www.amautalab.com/works/broadcast/independent/blindness.html Maybe NSFW???
  13. Elessara

    Just a few days left to enter... Real simple entry!

    Karma Contest Details. http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1574647 You only need to reply there that you are interested to enter!
  14. Elessara

    Soooo... Who likes Karma?

    http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1574647 :cool:
  15. Elessara

    If you were a yiffstar (furry pornstar) what would your yiff name be?

    Yeah, I know there’s a lot of controversy on the subject of WoW on these forums but I play it and was thinking of names I could “lol name” my worgen shadow priest when Cataclysm goes live. I finally decided to name her Yiffstar. XD (Still need a name for my goblin though… >_>) So...
  16. Elessara

    To catch a dream...

    (Not sure where to post this but I thought this forum made the most sense) I am a very crafty person, always have been. One of my most recent projects have been constructing dream catchers. Well, I've gotten several requests for me to offer commissions for them but I have been reluctant to do...
  17. Elessara

    Thumbnails for "Mature/Adult" art...

    I keep my mature filter on because I don't care to see triple Z breasts, dog cock or any of the other more disturbing porn out there on FA but lately I have noticed that some of the thumbnails for said "blocked art" are showing up in my watched submissions list. It's not that they are not...
  18. Elessara

    What do you like to see in other fursonas?

    Note: THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR FURSONA. This only applies to your feelings on other fursonas/ characters. Anthro or Feral Cartoony or Realistic Originality or Plain Mary-Sue or Well-Rounded *Because I felt like making a poll. >:[
  19. Elessara


    Jeans? **New Pic** I'll come out and say it right now; I'm no artist, but I have this drawing that I am currently working on and I need to put a pair of jeans on her... The problem is I don't know how/where to place crease marks... any help, guides or tutorials would be greatly appreciated. Or...
  20. Elessara

    Closet Monster Coloring Contest; ONLY 1 WEEK LEFT!!!

    There is only 1 week left to enter!!! No skill needed to win! Info here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1226543/