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  1. ReviloN


    I don't think I've made one of these... SO HeRE We GO!! I'm a 14 yr old bisexual boi from the holy meatball land... aka Sweden. I'm a huge tech-nerd and absolutely love games. My fursona, if you even want to call him that at his current state. Is a wolf with little to no details. I haven't...
  2. ReviloN

    Fursuiting with tinnitus..?

    Alright not sure if this would fit in the fursuiting forum so ima just post it here. yeet basic question: if u have tinnitus and a fursuit, how do you deal with the tinnitus when fursuiting? ive heard about fursuits making you hear way less, which then would lead to the tinnitus taking over...
  3. ReviloN

    How can I engage myself in the fandom more?

    I hope this isn't a weird question... heh... also sorry if this is the wrong forum eeeeeee Hiya, I've been wondering a while now about if I should maybe try to get involved in the fandom more. I.e, maybe getting to know some furries irl and keeping up with the media. I feel like by not doing...
  4. ReviloN

    How do I meet other furries?

    I want a friend (irl) that has the same interests as me. Since me and my few friends at school are so different. But I don't know how, I can't just go out and scream "HELLO I NEED A FURRY FRIEND". But I don't want to get hurt either (predators and bad people in general). I think my mom would...
  5. ReviloN

    Is it gay to feel attraction to male Furries? (weird question ik)

    First of all. Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this, but it seemed right lmao I think I'll start with saying that I'm asexual (I don't know if that matters at all but there you go). And lately, I've been starting to feel more and more (romantically) attracted to male furry characters. My...
  6. ReviloN

    Is having a simple fursona bad?

    I've been wondering for a while now if my fursona is too simple. It's a blue, white wolf, and I'm still working on the origin story, name etc. But lately, I've started to wonder if it's too simple. And I don't know why tbh, because as long as I'm happy with it, that should work. But I can't get...