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  1. light tear drop

    I built a friend

    Hey everyone just thought I might share some inside thoughts on my sona lately and this song kind of hit it on the spot I wanna know how this song makes you feel
  2. light tear drop

    Conventions and ages

    Hey somthing that has been on my mind lately is if i go to a convention or a meet up ill be considered to young and be shamed by the local furs i mean im 16 turning 17 june 21 and people around me say i sound like im 20 half the time but im getting my permit soon and wanna meet people is that...
  3. light tear drop

    Who are you?

    Hello all my name is light but in irl its Jacob I posted this to see who everyone is well ill start with my own and see what happens I live in kittredge colorado and im 16 but belive me I dont sound 16 people say i sound older I sing,doodle,play videogames and cook my home life is rather boring...
  4. light tear drop

    Wanna learn to draw furry pls help

    Hey art community I would like to know the best/normal difficulty way to draw a furry with a pencil or mouse can you help?
  5. light tear drop

    being a teen furry

    As a good amount of furrys might know is that it is a pain in the tail to be a teen furry especially with my family my father is not accepting of todays life styles/hobbies at all so he doesn't know tell me your story about being a teen furry
  6. light tear drop

    Alternative music

    Hey everyone this post is for anyone who wants to share their fav alternative bands and songs some good alternative bands are (Starset, MCR, Falloutboy, Get scared ,Greenday) Enjoy!
  7. light tear drop

    What to do with my life?

    So for the moment im in high school and im a junior this coming year and in 2 years after im out of high school ill be moving to kerville texas to go to college and i guess my two questions are is there any furrys there and staying there and my second question is what do I study im amazing with...
  8. light tear drop


    Well I enjoy black butler one punch man Xam'd lost memories soul eater ect ect how about you? (non of this belong to me WHAT SO EVER!)
  9. light tear drop

    Any furs in evergreen co?

    Tis just a thought
  10. light tear drop

    A little party never killed nobody

    (copy right)- I do not claim this video as my own its for entertainment only
  11. light tear drop

    So Im new and know absolutely no one

    Hi my name is light and I got my name while I was laying in bed one night and it hit me "Light the tear drop wolf." anyway I enjoy music,video games,anime and sketching even though I suck at sketching. Im also 15 but the bad part is that there are no other furs in evergreen so I joined here...
  12. light tear drop

    Any one listen to Starset?

    Hey im just curios if anyone listens to starset? my fav song is carnivore how about you?