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  1. Monocled Unicorn

    Ref Sheet - Ahvriere, the Gentlemanly Unicorn ($80 Budget)

    Good morning/evening, ladies and gentlemen: After several years, I'm ready to have my fursona brought to life! My budget is $80 for this particular commission, although I have others in mind at a future date. I'm looking for 3-4 poses and 3-4 head shots with expressions, and the reference sheet...
  2. Monocled Unicorn

    Flight/Booking Advice

    Hello all, I'm looking into booking a flight from Little Rock, AR to an airport near Flanders, NJ so that miss Athyr and I can see each other. We still have a little bit of money left to save, but I have not flown in many years and I also have not booked my own flight before, nor have I flown...
  3. Monocled Unicorn

    Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen~

    Hello all, I'd thought I'd like to extend a quick introduction to the wonderful members here! A little about me: I'm an avid reader/writer, and I'm an active gamer as a hobby. An interesting side-note: I am also a computer programmer that ranches goats--I've gotten a lot of flak for that, but I...