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  1. Mystic Thunder

    Sewing Patterns

    So I've decided that when I get my first fursuit, it's going to be a build that I take on myself- this way I'll learn a lot more about what makers go through, and why the often charge as much as they do. Now, sewing isn't a new craft to me- I've made a good handful of sets of regalia for other...
  2. Mystic Thunder

    Bug/Site Problem: The Muting Algorithm is TOO General

    I'm a man of few keystrokes... here's what I have to say, and let me tell you that when you built this site, you got a particularly poor programmer.
  3. Mystic Thunder

    Attempt #2 (with corrected (yoink!) ups): Potential Commission, now with budget

    A note to the mod reading this: I've never done this type of thing before, and the rules aren't always clearly written. This is awkward enough, nobody needs the added pressure of the threat of suspension BECAUSE OF A MISTAKE OR A FAIL. I'm not trying to troll anyone here, and I do apologize to...
  4. Mystic Thunder

    Can't reply anywhere???

    Can someone explain to me what's happening? I can't reply to anyone in any of the forums... what gives?
  5. Mystic Thunder

    Discovery process

    Okay, just for kicks I'm kinda wondering how most of y'all decided on your fursona species. Example: I couldn't explain why, I just felt like a wolf... a Lone Wolf (if any other Halo players are out there, you'll understand that one). I look forward to your answers!
  6. Mystic Thunder

    First Fursona... Any Feedback?

    This took quite a bit of time to figure out, especially since GIMP isn't as fancy as Photoshop... But here he is!
  7. Mystic Thunder


    I can't help but notice the apparent lack of enthusiasm around destroying the unsure new guy... I'm gonna take that as one of the warmest welcomes I've had in a while. Thanks! I was actually doing some research for a potential YouTube video in which I came to better understand the Furry...
  8. Mystic Thunder

    How would you respond?

    Hey, I was doing some research so I could better understand the Furry community, and then I ended up creating a Fursona. My only problem is that I've never considered myself a Furry, so I don't know how to react to the feeling I got when my 'sona was complete (which I can't even describe... it...