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  1. Velo_Artwork

    48H OPEN commissions

    For all commissions: these will be finished high quality within 48 hours. Feel free to send a note on FA or comment below! :) I pride myself on open communication with commissioners so you get what you wanted! Link to the guide and more examples
  2. Velo_Artwork

    Illustration feedback needed (composition, anatomy, ...)

    Hey everyone! Could anyone give some feedback on this image? Click the image for the full view on FA. *it's a female, just saying, but that need to fixed too. I'm not sure about the back and the shoulder blades. :/ The right hand palm should be under her head, she's laying on it. (didn't...
  3. Velo_Artwork

    Commissions are open

    Prices and all info can be found here Open slots can be found here. Icons cost 7.5 USD Line art is $5.00-$7.50 Flat colored character are $7.50-$12.50 *Full shaded characters with background are $10.00-$25.00 If you have any questions, feel free to PM me at FA. Or send a mail to...
  4. Velo_Artwork

    Illustration slots are available

    FAQ's, Prices, T.O.S., slots, ... All can be found here Price range 10$ - 30$ For fully colored characters with background
  5. Velo_Artwork

    Freebies, because I need commission samples

    I'm looking for anthro designs. Preferable no feral at the moment. Please note me at FA with a link to your reference(s) if you would like an OC. It'll all be clean art. I'll do sketches, line arts and line-less. It depends on the character what I think fits best. And what I still need in my...
  6. Velo_Artwork

    5$-20$, Charity Commissions

    Hello, I'm Velo_Artwork on FA. I'm doing commissions where all the money goes directly to Charity called ACE. (Animal Care España) You can read more about the organisation here in my FA journal too. For 5$ -Full body, Sketch, Shaded Or ... For 10$ - Full Body, Line Art,Shaded Or ... For...
  7. Velo_Artwork

    Sketch Full body,shaded color (6$/8$ for Waist-up/Full Body)

    Types of Projects: Waist-up/Full body sketch color, shaded, Human and anthro only. No mature content. Prices: 6$ for Waist-up/8$ for full body Examples: Portfolio Slots: 3 Contact info: velo.Artwork@gmail.com