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  1. Marshmallowe

    Discount Fur Suit Commissions

    I have two commission slots open for either a fursuit head, partial, or a full suit. I am also offering 15% off these two slots! Heads are done on a toony resin base with great vision and ventilation. Heads come standard with a moving jaw and follow me eyes. Standard hand paws have stuffed paw...
  2. Marshmallowe

    How many interested in the fandom own a suit?

    I have to collect a poll for my statistics final and compare it to the average statistic (which I have already gotten from a poll collected at anthrocon) so I am conducting it here, answer away. I love doing my projects on fursuiting :)
  3. Marshmallowe

    Resin rabbit base?

    So I really want to make a semi realistic jackalope, here is the problem. I wanted to use a resin base, but cannot find one for a rabbits head. I have contemplated using a wolf/dog base and try adding foam to change the shape, maybe a feline would be better for this? I do not want the eyes on...
  4. Marshmallowe

    First two fursuits!

    So I have made my first two fursuits for me and my Boyfriend, One is a wolf(the male) and the other is a Fennec Fox (the female). They are made on foam, mask, were sewn then hot glued. Berknap hand painted eyes that were covered in laminate to give that sheen effect. The tongues are made of...
  5. Marshmallowe

    Help with fur lengths for suits

    I am working on me and my boyfriends first fursuits. I have the foam down, bought the berk nap, felt, fimo all that jazz. But after searching at least six craft stores I couldn't find fabric. I have searched online and found some nice places, problem is I don't know what a good length should...