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  1. mystery_penguin

    Best Seller on eBay

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=160559216667#description Now, why on earth would some MAJOR companies pay LOTS OF MONEY for a wetsuit? Because of the guy's description. Then, he continues to answer a wide array of questions...
  2. mystery_penguin

    Overgrowth - Ninja Bunny Rabbits and Wolves!

    "Overgrowth is a 3d action-adventure game for Mac, Windows, and Linux, coming soon from the independent game studio, Wolfire Games." (from the creators of Lugaru) If you pre-order the game for $30, you will get full access to the Alpha (and most likely the Beta as well) woRoM-9oH0o most...
  3. mystery_penguin

    Megas XLR - We dig giant robots

    Now with more METAL and NOSTALGIA! Intro song: YDAPGLO-r4s Megas XLR was a show that aired back in 2005 on CN. It was about a fat badass metal-head motor-head named Coop who still lived with his mom and his two friends Jamie and Kiva fighting off aliens wherever they go. M.E.G.A.S. was a...
  4. mystery_penguin

    Redline: Anime at it's best

    j9fhQVMzlC0 xmbW6WXLeW4 refkAu-STBY xWfwc7Uf9MU&NR=1 Redline is a movie that's been under production for 7 years by Madhouse entertainment. The lead director is Takeshi Koike, lead animator of Samurai Champloo and Dead Leaves. This movie is a stunning display of magnificent art style with...
  5. mystery_penguin

    Badass Ballon IN SPACE

    Father and son strap a well-insulated camera onto a very strong balloon, send it soaring, reach 100K feet, almost all by themselves. Camera recorded almost the entire thing: http://green.yahoo.com/blog/guest_bloggers/73/father-and-son-film-outer-space-do-it-yourself-style.html...
  6. mystery_penguin

    This just inned: laptops can screw up your balls.

    along with skin damage (which has been proven to happen). http://news.yahoo.com/video/tech-15749651/22268693
  7. mystery_penguin

    Willow Wulf Appreatiation thread

    Since apparently pointless threads are allowed and supported by moderators (http://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/83047-HEY-EVERYONE-HECKLER-amp-KOCH-IS-BACK-GO-SHOWER-HIM-WITH-UNWANTED-ATTENTION) I thought I'd make one about one of the best members on FAF Willowulf is awesome. Do YOU...
  8. mystery_penguin

    WANTED: Critique, REWARD: My thanks

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4455320/ I want to know anything and everything wrong with it, and if possible, how to fix it. Compliments are also welcomed (what artist doesn't like to be complimented?) Things I already know: -Eyes are way too big, even for the anime/manga style -The lower arm...
  9. mystery_penguin

    How are YOU going to survive your next year of school?

    We all wonder how our Next year of school is going to be (unless you've already finished, in which case you shouldn't even be in this thread), and with all these new school-threads popping up, I thought I'd make one myself! So forum-goers, what methods are you going to use to "survive" school...
  10. mystery_penguin

    Initial D anyone? [racing anime]

    Living in a city at the bottom of a famous mountain for street-racing, Takumi Fujiwara was forced to deliver Tofu up to a hotel each morning for 6 years by his father who used to be a famed and skilled racer. These trips up and down the mountain honed Takumi's skills, which made him an excellent...
  11. mystery_penguin

    Creative artwork that doesn't deserve a thread.

    This is a thread for those attention whores like me who want a lot of people to see their work, but don't want to make an entire thread about it. Post away!
  12. mystery_penguin

    A thread for non-angsty/non-depressed teenagers

    Since I've heard of so many teenagers being angsty, depressed piles of crap, I want to know if any of the teenagers here are fully content and love their life! Now lets discuss our awesome, non-angsty lives! I'll Start: I am 15 I have good grades Great friends No girlfriend almost no social...
  13. mystery_penguin

    Dog owns robber

    http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=23c_1271550147 I laughed hysterically when I first watched this.
  14. mystery_penguin

    Summer Wars (Movie)

    What I am trying to say is that you NEED to watch this, period, no two ways about it. There are a multitude of groups that have fansubbed this, and it is easy enough to find a decent stream. And yes, I did copy all of the above from a certain thread in another forum because I am too lazy to...
  15. mystery_penguin

    Security Appears At Infinity Ward, Studio Heads Missing, Activision Investigating

    http://g4tv.com/thefeed/blog/post/702911/Security-Appears-Unannounced-At-Infinity-Ward-Studio-Heads-Missing-Staff-Freaked-Out-.html#ixzz0h07icizg http://kotaku.com/5483348/report-strange-things-are-afoot-at-infinity-ward-president-ousted what the fudge?
  16. mystery_penguin

    $40,000 for old NES game

  17. mystery_penguin

    The most amazing pianist in the world

    In my opinion anyway, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKQ-48wSkLc
  18. mystery_penguin

    Polish newspaper claims 'Pedobear' is 2010 Vancouver Olympic mascot

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/7187027/Polish-newspaper-claims-Pedobear-is-2010-Vancouver-Olympic-mascot.html silly Polish peoples
  19. mystery_penguin

    The internet, IS MADE OF CATS

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zi8VTeDHjcM who knew?
  20. mystery_penguin

    The Metropolitan

    http://www.metropolitan-themovie.com/ Dont worry it has English subs go to video --> le Film (uses some character design for lackadasycats)