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  1. Togo57

    New Movie TG group

    Hey there, Jsut created a new Telegram group to discuss about movies, share what you're watching, and so forth with other movie fans. If anyone's interested, here's the invite link: t.me: Cinema Furs Regards, and maybe see you there!
  2. Togo57

    Free Art: Taking writing requests

    Hi everyone, In order to get more discipline when it comes to writing, and to help me get out of my writer's block, I decided to open for requests (around 1000-3000 words, or 4-12 printed pages, though they could be longer if needed). To get a slot, please send a note in my FA profile (same...
  3. Togo57

    Sightless stories

    As we all know, there are several senses: Smell, Taste, Sound, Touch, and Sight. However, most written stories (or at least mine) tend to only use the last one. Descriptions, character interactions, and everything else is done in such a way that they revolve around a character's ability to see...