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  1. Kian_Forepaw

    Armageddon New Zealand 2011

    Hey guys, just wondering, does anyone know if there will be any furry stalls or groups or anything like that at this years Armageddon? This is my first time going, would be cool if I could meet some furs while I was there.
  2. Kian_Forepaw

    Furs By Species 3

    Swift Fox ^^
  3. Kian_Forepaw

    Chill and Relaxing music

    I may not actually have a job, but I love to listen to this after a long day of school http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNgYcy4Mfgo Another song I'm really finding relaxing at the moment is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isU5pPyWHyQ
  4. Kian_Forepaw

    Hello hello hello!

    Duly noted. I would like to add I didn't come here to discuss that stuff, I just kind of thought I would mention it seeing as it was furry related. But thank you. See? Already learning.
  5. Kian_Forepaw

    All these "DJ furries"...

    Yay me!
  6. Kian_Forepaw

    Impossible Creatures

    I don't even want to imagine. Hammerhead owls going to work and giving birth to lobster cats.... good lord.
  7. Kian_Forepaw

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Football Manager 2010. Oh yes, the goalscoring managery goodness.
  8. Kian_Forepaw

    Impossible Creatures

    Anyone ever played this game? In short: Age of Empires, except you build your own armies by combining animals together into new super awesome killing machines! My personal favorite was a chameetah (chameleon/cheetah). Would be interested in playing online with someone if I could just damned...
  9. Kian_Forepaw

    What song made you realize you love music?

    I remember when I was about 10 I got a compilation hits CD, and these two songs are the two that stuck out and made me realise just how great music is. Now I can't go without my tunes, and have a seriously nice pair of headphones to go with them, PIIQ GIIQs in lime green...
  10. Kian_Forepaw

    All these "DJ furries"...

    If ANYONE cites ANYTHING on second life as something having some implication on life in the real world, shoot them.
  11. Kian_Forepaw

    Hello hello hello!

    I'm far from thin-skinned, I was just trying to prevent the unlikely event of a flame war happening on my intro thread. Which would be a great start, right? Anyway... I need to do some posting :P
  12. Kian_Forepaw

    Hello hello hello!

    Hey all. Here is me. Kian Forepaw. Fox. I've been interested in furry for about a year now and started developing my own fursona about 4 months ago (give or take). Looks? All I know is I have a jade green coat with classic fox red details. I don't have enough money (or any money for that matter)...