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    Disney Character TF Story Request.

    I have a request for a character transformation of my character or of someone in general into an animated character, now the only pm I got was from someone who did paid commissions which is not what I am looking for, I am looking for someone to do a story. Specifically a transformation into...
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    My name is Monstermaster13, i've been on the site for at least a good couple of years (since 2011-2012 I think) and I identify as a cisgender male and I am bisexual and not in the 'take that critics my character is bi so you cannot mock them' way, my characters have always had bisexual energy...
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    TF RP Partner needed.

    Looking for someone to do a transformation RP involving a tf into an existing character from Western animation (tv or movies, Disney for example) and also into live-action movie characters both human and half non-human as well as into real people specifically famous people.
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    RP Partner needed.

    I am looking for a new RP partner/companion to do RPs with, simply because I want to see if there are people who are into the same things as me and to give it a try. In case you're wondering, my RP list/requirements are as follows: Things I Allow In My RPs: - Two people to be transformed. -...
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    Story Request.

    I am looking for someone to do character based transformation stories specifically of ones into Disney or other animation studios, but in particular Disney but in particular some character transformations that I consider rare/not done often specifically Ratigan, Scar, Hades, Phil, or Pete among...
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    Hello To All.

    I've been on the main Furaffinity since 2012 but didn't start posting my work on here until much later, i'm a writer mostly and I specialize in transformation stories and art. I go by Monstermaster13 on the main site by the way. Transformations I Do: Animal TFs (both regular and anthro, but...
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    Un-nuke Button.

    Because I accidentally nuked the favorites section of my messages yesterday I propose that someone should put an un-nuke button so we could fix it and get the list of favorites we've gotten back.