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  1. bierd

    (Commission) Selling: Colored Fullbody Drawings for $25

    Hi everyone! : -) I'm moving soon and I need some extra cash! I'm doing some fullbody commissions for $25, they will look like this: I can draw anything, & I like to draw cute stuff! (No NSFW, sorry! Also if you're a sex freak I'm not the artist for you) I take paypal. Message me or...
  2. bierd

    $10-$25 Commissions: icons/busts/full body. Lets have fun y'all : -)

    Hey y'all! I need to make some money this summer so I'm doing some commissions! I'm doing icons busts and full body drawings but if you're interested in anything else feel free to ask about pricing : -) icons: $10 busts: $20 full body: $25 (if you want an extra character it will be + half the...
  3. bierd

    Lots of Adoptable Designs! 10$-$15

    Hey y'all! I've taken to making some adoptables over the break period and thought I'd post them here as well. Just comment or message me if you are interested in any of the designs! I'm willing to haggle a bit on prices, not very much though. They are all Paypal only, thanks! Akita...
  4. bierd

    Fun Digital Commissions $10-$35. Full body/Busts/Icons/Anything

    Hey y'all! I am offering busts / full body / icons / really whatever you want. Icons 10$, anthro busts/quads 30$, anthro full body 35$ If you want some other kind of thing just ask me & we can work out a price. If you want to add an extra character it will be + half the price. (ex. + 15$ for...