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  1. kewlhotrod

    Submission Problem: Can't Clear Recent Submissions, Journals, Etc.

    Alright. For some reason, every time I click "Check All" and then "Delete Selected", nothing ever deletes. It basically refreshes the page. Now, this works with all the buttons. Even when I tried to nuke journals, it didn't get rid of any. I am using Firefox version 3.5.2. I haven't...
  2. kewlhotrod

    Cooliris (Formerly PicLens)

    Cooliris. A popular imaging system that allows you to browse through images with a sleek style. Many popular art sites support Cooliris. About: http://www.cooliris.com/product/ How to add to the site: http://developer.cooliris.com/ It would simply be a really neat, really cool addition...
  3. kewlhotrod

    Opinions On Fractal Artwork.

    Hello there, I am here to open a discussion on everyone's opinion on the new fractal status. In this post I will voice my opinion on this policy, and encourage you guys to shareyour own opinions. There is no right or wrong, and you are free to believe what you will. Do not feel pressured, and...
  4. kewlhotrod

    Ease of Stories

    Well, this has recently crossed my mind. Why don't you guys allow stories of the common formats (.txt, .doc, .rtf, etc.) be allowed to be viewed directly from the site? By doing something of this caliber, wonderful stories (that are ALL over FA) will get actual attention, instead of the one or...
  5. kewlhotrod

    Your Friendly Neighorhood Who--- Neighbor!

    Hello all, just another member that happened to stumble across this forum. Read through these forums a few times and figured "Hey, why not join and create utter chaos in yet another forum?" So here I am. o.0 I'm a 16 year old... Physically, and physicality's are not everything. I...