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  1. Gol22

    Looking for Artist to do character's 1st adult picture!

    It's been quite sometime since I've bought art or anything at all, but I would like to finally get something! I've had pictures done of Gol and have yet to find an artist that could take a commission that isn't really over $100 Might not have the best ref picture, but I have a few pics...
  2. Gol22

    Seeking Ride Up to FC from Anaheim/Orange County Area

    As the title says, I am currently and still looking for a ride up to FC for this convention. I know it's a bit sudden, but if anyone is within the Orange County area or going up past my way, hoping there is room in someones vehicle that I can tag along with. Most likely would be bringing...
  3. Gol22

    Looking for available rooms

    Califur is close and I may have lost my old roommate buddy seeing his room is full. Dunno if there is anyone else who is looking for roommates to share a room for Califur~
  4. Gol22

    PS1 Emulator

    Okay, I've been having trouble trying to find one that actually WORKS! I'm hoping someone can show me where I can find one that won't have any problems and is easy to install.
  5. Gol22

    Picture fix up?

    I drew a picture awhile ago and i'm trying to get a sort of portrait with some dark effects. Since I couldn't really get the shot or pose i wanted exactly cause I put the arms a little close... i'm lookin' for some help on fixing this. Again, i'm looking to get a new portrait of self in that...
  6. Gol22

    Creepy ass games

    Which games give you the creeps or just plain scare the crap out of you when your playing? My own choice... Condemned 2: Bloodshot Fuck...that...
  7. Gol22

    Whose Line: Scenes from a Hat

    If you watched the show, you should know how the rules go. From the first post, there will be one topic.. for example... "Things you wouldn't expect to get for a present for your sweet 16" and the next poster can reply to that like... " A Grandfather clock" and from the first...
  8. Gol22

    Spy Vs. Spy for Xbox Live? (not 360)

    Any one tried playing Spy Vs. Spy for xbox online? Spy Vs. Spy, meaning for Splinter Cell: Double Agent: Versus... xP
  9. Gol22

    Post Pictures of Yourself!

    TO SEE THE REAL PERSON BEHIND THE MONITOR! haha. I'll post up my pic after someone else. (Your REAL self..)
  10. Gol22

    SC : DA Request plz

    Its been so long for me, having to try and look for a wolf from Splinter Cell: Double Agent: Versus. I'm coming to whoever is able to help me locate or even greater, draw one for me. I gave up on searching.... >> Dark Grey Fur Wolf as a ECHELON Spy. Link...
  11. Gol22

    Video Cards... >.<

    WHY MUST VIDEO CARDS BE SUCH A PAIN IN THE ASS?! If you want to play one simple game that you really like, but your video card isnt good enough... oh well, cant play, do something else. AHH! NOO! ....... damn things cost too much too.... >.>
  12. Gol22


    Ayee! Sup. Names Gol22 (you could just call me Gol).I'm someone whose into mainly anthro wolfs, but one kind of wolf i just can't seem to actually find in my search is a wolf in a spy suit. Quite hard to find, and draw... >.<;; ... but anyway.... I'm just your normal average... hell i dunno...