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  1. Kian_Forepaw

    Armageddon New Zealand 2011

    Hey guys, just wondering, does anyone know if there will be any furry stalls or groups or anything like that at this years Armageddon? This is my first time going, would be cool if I could meet some furs while I was there.
  2. Kian_Forepaw

    Impossible Creatures

    Anyone ever played this game? In short: Age of Empires, except you build your own armies by combining animals together into new super awesome killing machines! My personal favorite was a chameetah (chameleon/cheetah). Would be interested in playing online with someone if I could just damned...
  3. Kian_Forepaw

    Hello hello hello!

    Hey all. Here is me. Kian Forepaw. Fox. I've been interested in furry for about a year now and started developing my own fursona about 4 months ago (give or take). Looks? All I know is I have a jade green coat with classic fox red details. I don't have enough money (or any money for that matter)...