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  1. Togo57

    New Movie TG group

    Hey there, Jsut created a new Telegram group to discuss about movies, share what you're watching, and so forth with other movie fans. If anyone's interested, here's the invite link: t.me: Cinema Furs Regards, and maybe see you there!
  2. Togo57

    Free Art: Taking writing requests

    3 more slots still open
  3. Togo57

    Free Art: Taking writing requests

    Hi everyone, In order to get more discipline when it comes to writing, and to help me get out of my writer's block, I decided to open for requests (around 1000-3000 words, or 4-12 printed pages, though they could be longer if needed). To get a slot, please send a note in my FA profile (same...
  4. Togo57

    I wish to link my stories

    The way you do it is by putting the submission ID between brackets [PREV, FIRST, NEXT]. For example: [30920225,30810697,31192398] If you're missing any of those, you must put a "-" instead of the ID. It's actually BBCode :p
  5. Togo57

    Any feedback on my writing?

    Only read the NSFW one. For critiquing purposes, obviously. No ulterior motives. Totally. Really good story and loved the interaction of both characters, not to mention that I like more the format in "More Tickle Torture" than in "Charmer and Ranger" (more actions, better spacing, etc.). A few...
  6. Togo57

    Angel story I've been writing

    It's a pretty interesting concept and really liked the prologue and where the story was going, but the next few chapters felt kind of slow to me. You might want to rethink your paragrahp and chapter split choices. For example, chapter 1 could easily be split into two, taking into account that...
  7. Togo57

    What could a scientist in my Star Wars fan fic story be looking to create?

    Can say I agree with such an overpowered character, but you know what¿s best for your story. As for what your scientist could be researching, hot about one of the many things that Star Trek has but Star Wars doesn't? Such as: An efficient Medbay/Medical system (in Star Trek pretty much...
  8. Togo57

    What could a scientist in my Star Wars fan fic story be looking to create?

    I'd argue about this point. Leaving Checkhov's gun aside (why mention at all that your scientist is working on something when it bears no relevance to the plot?), it also introduces a logical plot hole. If I have a possibly deadly problem with quark stars, I'd want a quark stars expert or at...
  9. Togo57

    Should I upload in the first place

    TL;DR; Just share it and "que sera, sera". Also, I wouldn't worry about the Fetish part (there surely are way heavier materials out there which are likely way popular too). Long version: I think the question here is more a) why do you write?, and b) what do you intend to do after it's done? If...
  10. Togo57

    The first chapter of my gay romance story

    Good choice in starting with the fight scene! Looks like the start of a good series. Ironically, I liked Darius way more than Larex even though he had less time as a narrator :). However, you might want to take the following into consideration: Since the story is narrated in first-person POV...
  11. Togo57

    Planner or Pantser

    Same, though maybe with a little more planning. Start with a rough skeleton draft (outline, phrases I'd like to include, species/name of the characters, etc.) and then pantsing all the way.
  12. Togo57

    Does Anyone Know About the Spanish Version of Super Pig AKA Ai to Yuuki no Pig Girl Tonde Buurin?

    To be honest, I've never seen a "Super Cerdita" DVD, but I wouldn't be holding my breath when it comes to the languages. Latin American DVDs usually only have Spanish and Portuguese subs, with the occasional French subs, UNLESS it's for a series that came from an English-speaking country (where...
  13. Togo57

    Anyone willing to take a request?

    If you're still looking and quality is not an issue, feel free to PM me.
  14. Togo57

    Give me some prompts

    Not mine, but maybe: You find a coin that grants any wish after flipping it. However, if the coin lands tails, the opposite will occur.
  15. Togo57

    Sightless stories

    Why didn't I get a notification that someone replied... Thank you both for the information. I've always wanted to read them, but a 30+ book franchise is kind of scary (must be that I'm getting old). Getting back on topic, do I need to read the 12 or could it be enough with just, say, the first...
  16. Togo57

    Is this an interesting setting for stories?

    The whole "classified information" was quite interesting both when taking into account the censorship it has, which makes a lot of sense in context, and how you treated both lores as digital files along with some of the issues they could have in the real world. Nonetheless, it made them a chore...
  17. Togo57

    Is this an interesting setting for stories?

    It sounds interesting and you have a peculiar, if slightly annoying, writing style. However, it seems that both sides don't mix that well when it comes to genres (with the Golgothians fitting more in a spy/thriller/noir setting, and the Agency being more at ease in SOL or adventure-ish stories)...
  18. Togo57

    Fav not well known anime

    For me, it'd be Twin Spica and Starship Operators. One about a girl in an astronaut academy, the other about a group of teens in the middle of a civil war that get their funding by showing their lives and battles in a reality show. Depending on who you talk to, thes might also be kind of...
  19. Togo57

    Tool to build online interactive-novel

    Is there a way to try it without making an account? Like in InkleWriter