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  1. BunnyEarBoy

    Epic Movie Quotes!

    Love to harass people with one liners from movies!:grin: Your favorite movie quotes you use too much... "Just the tip, just for a second...just to see how it feels" Wedding Crashers
  2. BunnyEarBoy

    Poker anyone?

    In new england maybe looking to start a furry poker game!! are there any players in the forums here? If we got a good group we could have a great live game!! Play for fun, no money Thoughts??
  3. BunnyEarBoy

    Support and Ideas please..

    This is whats going on: I have been living with my parents (hangs head in shame) for the last few months (long story, abusive GF and other craziness), the house is in foreclosure and I think we are getting evicted next week. I lost my full time job, cant find a new one and work 50 miles away on...
  4. BunnyEarBoy


    Hi, I hope I can fit in here, Im not 100% furry, nor am I 100% human Kinda feel caught in the middle :( I have been through a lot of crazy stuff in my recent past, but I have grown a huge LOVE of the furry culture<33333 I hope to go full furry one day and live a peaceful happy life. This is...