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  1. M4RYN

    Hiring: Looking to get some art for me and my partner! (NSFW) ($60+)

    Hey FA! Me and my partner are looking to split a commission, so we’re looking for an artist for hire! The commission’s gonna be NSFW, so keep that in mind for any additional costs it could add. Also, be alright with drawing mechanical species, since our refs are a Protogen and a Synth! Now, as...
  2. M4RYN

    Hiring: Looking for an Artist who’s okay with Futanari to do a piece with two characters! Budget: $30+

    Hi FA! I’m a wendigo, I’m looking for someone to do a piece for me and my partner! We’ve been looking for something nsfw, so please be aware of that and any additional cost it may entail! Anyways, here’s the general description of the piece: A PoV from behind of the female character riding the...
  3. M4RYN

    Hiring: Looking for someone to do a short, 1-2 second loop NSFW animation! $90-$150

    Hello everyone! Me and my boyfriend have been looking at getting art together, and since I’ve been rather well off recently, I was thinking of maybe getting an animation for the two of us! Now, I have references for both of our characters, but this will most likely be a POV from his perspective...
  4. M4RYN

    Looking for someone to do a full body for my Wendigo! $20-$30

    Hi everyone! I recently commissioned the headshot for a new character of mine, (the attached file) and I’m looking for someone to do the full body version for it! I already have a pretty vivid idea for what I’d like, and a few image references too! Payment will be over PayPal, so make sure that...