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  1. Mr-Rose-Lizard

    Show me your female characters!

    Those are some cute characters you've got there. I especially like Vannili and Olivia.
  2. Mr-Rose-Lizard

    Yum or Yuck

    YUM!!! My favorite variety of Girl Scout cookie! Chicken Alfredo?
  3. Mr-Rose-Lizard

    Letter by letter

  4. Mr-Rose-Lizard

    Last hug wins!

    Oh, don't ask. :( I've been stuck at home for months without a job because of this d*m Coronavirus thing. I'm trying my hardest to get myself another one, but it may be all in vain.
  5. Mr-Rose-Lizard

    Yum or Yuck

    YUMMY!!! My favorite thing to eat! Fish and chips?
  6. Mr-Rose-Lizard

    Last hug wins!

    *gives @ssaannttoo a big. long, cuddly hug* I can't help it if I like cuddly furry things!
  7. Mr-Rose-Lizard

    change the sentence

    Your ritual summoned a warp portal to the Moon! Praise be to the cherry gods of BLEPS!
  8. Mr-Rose-Lizard

    Cute thread

    Very cute!
  9. Mr-Rose-Lizard

    Cute thread

    I think I saw a Looney Tunes or MGM cartoon with that skunk once.
  10. Mr-Rose-Lizard

    What's your most favorite fictional character from the '80s?

    Never thought of that. Guess we're all like that before we're born...except my mother wanted me in triplicate. I'm an only child.
  11. Mr-Rose-Lizard

    What's your most favorite fictional character from the '80s?

    I like watching those cartoons too. Have you ever watched She-Ra: Princess of Power? That show is just as fun and exciting to watch as well, especially those moments when Hordak gets frustrated at She-Ra's heroics and takes it out on his minions. And yes, I've seen Kissyfur. I thought it was...
  12. Mr-Rose-Lizard

    What's your most favorite fictional character from the '80s?

    Oh, yeah, I remember him. Kind of a cool guy.
  13. Mr-Rose-Lizard

    What dream/nightmare sticks in your head?

    I had several nightmares when I was a child: >My parents abandoning me because I disappointed them in some way >Being devoured by giant worms >Numbers flying at me like bullets >a giant glowing neon green Westinghouse logo looming over my bed and uttering the company's tagline: "You can be sure...
  14. Mr-Rose-Lizard

    What's your most favorite fictional character from the '80s?

    Last month I posted this discussion in my DeviantArt account as part of their "Retro Week". (Actually, it was more like a poll, but what the heck?) Anyway, a lot of the members I came across had at least one favorite character from that particular decade, even if they were born after it. After...
  15. Mr-Rose-Lizard

    Let's talk about plushies!

    I've had plushies since I was a little boy. Mostly teddy bears, but some other animals as well. I slept with them every night to keep out the nightmares. Until recently I had over 100 of them, some animals and others more human-like. When I moved back in with my parents, they made me reduce...
  16. Mr-Rose-Lizard

    your latest purchase ! :3

    A new battery for my car. It needed it.
  17. Mr-Rose-Lizard

    Favorite childhood theme song question

    I love watching that character a lot. He's both sophisticated and funny at the same time.
  18. Mr-Rose-Lizard

    Favorite childhood theme song question

    I like that theme song, and the show as well.
  19. Mr-Rose-Lizard

    Game: Change one letter of a 5-letter word

    Adzed I had to use the same site as you did.
  20. Mr-Rose-Lizard

    Pick Your Favorite Artwork From The FA Gallery Of The User Above You

    Why would you say that? Is there something wrong with your artwork?