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  1. alphakitsune

    Things you were taught in school but now wish you paid more attention to

    In 3rd grade I literally never paid any attention in music class. That bit me in the butt later in life. A year later I decided to pay attention again and I had no idea what was going on. To this day I still don't know how to read sheet music or what a "time signature" is. And then there was...
  2. alphakitsune

    U.S. fur's, tell me about your state

    Ohio: The weather is unpredictable, like it can be super warm one day and snowing the next There is corn EVERYWHERE A bunch of astronauts were born there??? Don't go to Ohio, it sucks
  3. alphakitsune

    Roleplay Fails

    Since I rp in most of my spare time, I have loads of crazy stories. As a word of advice never rp on Shamchat. Oh man, I have seen tons of crap on there. There was this one rp I did with pokemon and it involved Maxie crying because he lost his virginity to a bartender. And then there was another...
  4. alphakitsune

    What was everyone's first thread about? (not including introduction)

    It was something we already had a thread about https://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/1062479-Draw-the-user-above-you?highlight= Looking back, the posts I made back when I was 13 were very cringeworthy.
  5. alphakitsune

    Anyone here ever done falconry?

    I have wanted to get into falconry for a long time. But there are way too many laws and restrictions here in the states, especially Ohio.
  6. alphakitsune

    Ever Fake Being Ill?

    One time I faked being sick because I had my period all over my chair in class and I didn't want to tell anyone so I went to the bathroom and pretended I threw up and I acted really sick and the teacher fell for it. The secretary or someone could tell I was faking it but she didn't say anything.
  7. alphakitsune

    Hoodie Idea?

    Wouldn't wearing that hoodie make social situations even more awkward?
  8. alphakitsune

    Can a Wacom Tablet be hooked up to an Ipad?

    You could use your ipad as a drawing tablet. There is an app called sketchbook pro that lets you upload your drawings to deviantart. But I don't know of any programs that use layers or anything as advanced as stuff on the computer.
  9. alphakitsune

    I seem to accidentally get in trouble anyone else done this?

    Its not that hard to read the rules. You just carefully read them once and if you are about to do something that might not be allowed, just read the rules again.
  10. alphakitsune

    Meeting people irl that you meet online and general online safety.

    You should meet people from online in a public place where there are people around. Also, don't meet a psycho from online in the real world for obvious reasons.
  11. alphakitsune

    Lets talk about: Mary/Gary Sues

    This describes 6th and 7th grade me so much. In 7th grade I made my first fursona, a magical dragon kitsune fox named Shadow. She could change from feral into a special anthro mystic form that has the power of every mystic subtype,normal, dragon, battle, angel... I don't even remember all the...
  12. alphakitsune

    How to Handle the 'Does X really exist?' Questions with Children

    I have seen books that explains to kids that santa isn't real. But why would you raise your kids to believe that shit? You're gonna lie to your kids and a few years later tell them that you lied.
  13. alphakitsune

    Misheard song lyrics

    My dad mishears every song. He thought the lyrics to hey now were bread crumbs.
  14. alphakitsune

    domestication of wild animals

    I have done a lot of research on pet foxes, they are about 500- 1000 dollars as far as I remember. But domesticated ones are about 8 grand. Personally I would go for a cheaper one from a reputable breeder. But I don't get why you would spend 8000 dollars on a slightly tamer fox when you can get...
  15. alphakitsune

    Mauve the Vampire Bat

    Great to see another vampire bat on the forums!
  16. alphakitsune

    domestication of wild animals

    I have heard of some mink domestication experiment. A lot of people are trying to domesticate other species of animals. I have heard of an aviary that is trying to domesticate parrots, even though they are commonly kept as pets they are still wild animals. I also heard on the news about people...
  17. alphakitsune

    Would anyone mind RPing with me to help me develop a fursona?

    This is nothing to get upset over, we're just trying to tell you that roleplaying is not allowed here because its hard to moderate. We're not bullying you at all. If you're really into roleplaying I would suggest sofurry.
  18. alphakitsune


    I'm batshit insane!
  19. alphakitsune

    Petacraft lol

    It comes out today, I can't find an ip though.
  20. alphakitsune

    Petacraft lol

    Has anyone heard of the minecraft server that peta is launching this saturday? I have a feeling everyone is gonna grief the server, I like trolling people. But on a minecraft server on an organization I hate with a passion? I have a feeling this is gonna be fun. Any thoughts?