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  1. FenrirUlv

    learning to get past frustration of everything I start?

    Ive been in rather distant places for a while, everything I start off I seem to hate almost an hour later and cant even bare to go along and will restart. Granted this is only for furry figures because I really dont know how to do the proportions right. Im pretty sure that I just need to get...
  2. FenrirUlv

    Computer running poorly, how to tell if something fried?

    Well, Ive had my laptop for a while now, almost 4 or 5 years and I swear it use to run so much smoother. We've brought it into get fixed before and the motherboard was fried but we've already fixed it. I have no idea whats wrong but i seems I cant play half my games as fast as I use to be able...
  3. FenrirUlv

    Surprisingly good movies

    So I finally got around to watching Sucker Punch and god damn, it was good. I really didnt expect it to be much of anything which is why I hadnt watched it until now. I highly recommend it by the way! Anybody else have any movies that ended up like that?
  4. FenrirUlv

    Why are there so many guests that visit?

    seriously, its been bugging me. There are 30 guests in off topic right now and 4 members, what the hell?
  5. FenrirUlv

    Looking for a BF3 (XBL) squad.

    Ok, Ive had it with the randoms that never have a mic or refuse to help or play their class. Are their any other furries that play the objective and role as a part of a squad? If anyone else is on here (It seems like most people on live like to lone wolf it) that wants a squad or member etc...
  6. FenrirUlv

    Quick question: About how much money can I expect to throw down?

    So Ive been planning on making a fursuit for a while and Ill be having some free time to make it now. What ive been wondering is about how much can I expect to be throwing down on this for supplies? I know generally what I need though I do need to read a few more tutorials. Im about 5'11" and it...
  7. FenrirUlv

    Having trouble eating?

    Ok, so this is a really weird question but I figured this was off topic so it was the best place for it. Anyway, Ive lately been having trouble getting myself to eat. Like now, I feel hungry though the thought of eating makes me feel nauseous and sick to my stomach. Even the smell of food has...
  8. FenrirUlv

    Stories of unexpected epic.

    So since I have gotten bored of MW3 and I still have friends that enjoy it seriously I have gotten around to needing to just mess around and entertain myself. I decided that it was time for a challenge. a stealth challenge. What is this you ask? KSG SILENCED! Im not sure how but using only a...
  9. FenrirUlv

    Looking for a good mouse

    Ok, so Im looking to buy a new mouse for gaming [put here because this is a hardware thing and a bit broader]. Im just wondering what some of the best options are with low latency and high precision. Im willing to go on the higher end as well but I simply dont know enough about it. If people...
  10. FenrirUlv

    Arma2/DayZ furs?

    weve started a new group, its pretty small but maybe more people will join and it will get bigger eh? Its dedicated to survival games but mostly focused on DayZ though includes other games like Minecraft, S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Fallout, etc. SurviFurs Feel free to join, no requirement besides being...