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  1. Adelin

    just a dream i had

    A dream of fantasy huh? I've had a couple of dreams like that and sometimes I'd try to go back to sleep thinking to myself that I might dream the same thing, but it never happens. ;)
  2. Adelin

    What is the single most painful injury you've had happen to you?

    I was rushing down the stairs once because I was almost late for rehearsals when my left heel broke and I came tumbling down the stairs with my violin. Tumbling down the stairs was really painful, but the most most painful part was when I came crashing down on my violin sideways. It broke of...
  3. Adelin

    College experience?

    That really sounds hard to believe. -.-" I still remember the name of our librarian after two years, My freshman year in college was fun even though I've had my fair share of stress and being clueless. :) It just takes time getting used to since high school life is very different from college...
  4. Adelin

    Well that was unexpected

    I kinda don't like hooves on furries. :/ Paws slightly shaped like feet and hands is okay. ;D
  5. Adelin

    Well that was unexpected

    It could be useful to people who want to learn how to draw them, but you can find so many guides in the internet already. :/
  6. Adelin

    LMAO @ Mountain Dew's internet poll debacle

    Diabeetus DOES seem more accurate than "Classic Mtn Dew with green apple attitude".
  7. Adelin

    What was the last movie that you looked at with your eyes or maybe just heard?

    "We bought a zoo". It was a pretty good movie that had its fun moments. In fact, it was quite charming compared to some movies that were released during 2011. ;D
  8. Adelin

    Who was your first furry character crush?

    I forgot the name of the anime and the wolf in that show, but he used some kind of laser whip as a weapon. It wasn't really a crush, but it was sort of what got me interested in in the whole furry characters. Duga from Shining Force EXA was my very first anthro crush even though he was slightly...
  9. Adelin

    If you're here to ask for my facebook and/or skype then forget it. I've had enough of people...

    If you're here to ask for my facebook and/or skype then forget it. I've had enough of people adding me as a friend then ignoring me after a couple of weeks as if I'm just an addition to your 4000+ friend collection.
  10. Adelin

    WTF IS THIS???????

    I remember seeing this in a show once wherein men used those dolls to fulfill they're desires and stuff......so not a healthy thing to do........
  11. Adelin

    Your occupation? (Is there a poll for this?)

    I'm a violinist in an orchestra......need i say more?
  12. Adelin

    [Epic Win] MSU Conducted by Gary Brolsma (aka the "numa numa" guy) performing

    I think cute sneezing panda has more views or i could be wrong. :/
  13. Adelin

    Meat & soy free Lasagne

    It doesn't have meat in it and yet it still tastes good so its more of a blessing if you ask me. ;D
  14. Adelin

    Alright, which one of you is responsible for this

    What? Fire only? :D Elmo from sesame street still manages to entertain me at times.
  15. Adelin

    So, I walked into a Hot Topic today...

    Oooooh do they have an alaskan malamute backpack? <3
  16. Adelin

    So, I walked into a Hot Topic today...

    http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/WhatsNew/Accessories/Star-Wars-Storm-Trooper-Backpack-342708.jsp ..........Are there people who are actually interested in buying this?
  17. Adelin

    So, I walked into a Hot Topic today...

    Their high heel boots look very nice. I was actually considering on purchasing one but reconsidered as most of their boots have a dominatrix kind of look...... :C
  18. Adelin

    If given the choice would you become a permanent anthropomorph?

    Exclude the lizard and its fine.
  19. Adelin

    Alright, which one of you is responsible for this

    Well thanks for the info....now we do know its for kids only.....but if that was shown in the U.S then i think the ratings would be VERY different.
  20. Adelin

    James Cameron's "Avatar"

    Re: Lol I just watched.... You taught it was about the guy with the blue arrow on his head? The movie was nice if you ask me and the graphics were just beautiful. I kinda had a headache after watching it but whatever.