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  1. thefleshmustgrow

    Holiday season commissions, sfw/nsfw

    planning to add more refs soon, once i get the spare time
  2. thefleshmustgrow

    the binding of issac?

    any other furs a huge fan of this game? its been my absolute faveorit for a very long time. im super exited for the new dlc coming next year!
  3. thefleshmustgrow

    Epic and Memorable boss Battles

    omega flowey is a pretty memorable one for me, so cool and freaky!
  4. thefleshmustgrow


    powerwolf and alestorm are both awesome!!
  5. thefleshmustgrow

    Holiday season commissions, sfw/nsfw

    Hello hello! i recently ran into some financial trouble so i wanted to open emergency commissions for the holidays. I figured it wouldn't hurt to post something to these forums since im already here. (long story short in case anyone's curious, had a lot of expenses that took my whole...
  6. thefleshmustgrow

    Looking for someone to commission my character.

    i geuss my style could be considered cartoony, but ill let you be the judge, heres some examples.
  7. thefleshmustgrow

    Looking for mature art(still SFW) chubby artist required

    turns out i dont have a ton of drawings of bears that are not FNAF related so i did up this sketch real quick
  8. thefleshmustgrow


    thank you both! :3c nice to meet yall
  9. thefleshmustgrow


    hello, i didnt post here yet so figured i should before making other threads. the names flesh~
  10. thefleshmustgrow


  11. thefleshmustgrow

    gettin along

    gettin along