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  1. SkieFire

    Regarding Recent Changes to the Forum

    I fully agree. I should point out that I'm no longer a mainsite admin and don't have any powers on the forums (other than a wonderful hot pink name to indicate IRC staff). I'm a nobody, really, but an opinionated one at least.
  2. SkieFire

    Regarding Recent Changes to the Forum

    I enjoyed the all out warfare! The mainsite admins don't have all the answers and sadly they tend to be in the dark just as much as users sometimes. But sometimes even saying "we dont know but are trying to find out" is far better than silence. I just worry that people are too afraid to rock...
  3. SkieFire

    mass upload, staggered by 1 minute

    Well look at it this way: If you dump art all in one go you are reducing your visibility to people looking at the front page at that particular time. Drip feed stuff over a few days/weeks and you might get more exposure as well as not pissing off those who are currently watching you.
  4. SkieFire

    Site Status [12/15/2013]

    I frogblasted the ventcore. Sorry.
  5. SkieFire

    what is if......?

    Or perhaps you have already had similar submissions removed and you have either ignored or misunderstood the warnings given.
  6. SkieFire

    Yo Does Anyone Know Who The New Admins Are?

    Good luck to the new guys. Unlike what some here may think, it's not easy or even much fun and can be quite frustrating at times, but the current gang are good people and will support you when dick-shitting-nipples are all you ever see.
  7. SkieFire

    What can we use as evidence?

    That isn't the reason. I've seen at least one FA comment generator that generates an page that looks exactly like a comment thread on FA. It's not a hard tool to create, and it's been used in the past to create a few admin bashing screenshots. Admins have to trust what they can see on the site...
  8. SkieFire

    Max. Image Size

    Personally I like how DA does it. Click for HUGE, but it defaults to a reasonable size display.
  9. SkieFire

    Max. Image Size

    When my opinion mattered, I always went on the assumption that if the image looked ok (or just slightly short of OK) when in normal mode (not full view) then there was no reason in hell to upload it at 4000x4000 Tall comics/step by steps, character sheets, epic art and things chock full of...
  10. SkieFire

    Uploading seems to stall, anyone else having this issue?

    Re-installing firefox has fixed this for some people. That or try using another browser.
  11. SkieFire

    Submission Problem: Can't submit art

    Try re-installing firefox. We think a recentish firefox update broke something and re-installing the browser has fixed it for everyone who has tried it so far.
  12. SkieFire

    Bug/Site Problem: SFW showing everything

    Just to try and stop this from happening to people in the future (I know some browsers 'help' users by adding the prefix), Yak has made www.sfw.furaffinity.net redirect to the proper sfw domain.
  13. SkieFire

    Possible journal scraping

    Its actually spitting out the SQL string that is causing the error, which contains the table and field names of the database. Thats why it doesn't show the full error message.
  14. SkieFire

    Login/Password Problems: Cannot Remember Password and Recovery Email Inaccessible

    Really sorry this took so long, but you should be able to reset your password via the lost password form.
  15. SkieFire

    Need a better way to report AUP violations?

    Adding a simple button that autopopulates a new TT has been suggested before and is a good idea. I dont know why it wasn't implemented, but I can think of one reason. Having a much easier to use report link on a sub would probably mean an influx of identical tickets every time something that is...
  16. SkieFire

    Site broken

    Us Admins actually want that feature too, as being able to see a galleries contents without it all hidden behind identical thumbnails is obviously a good thing when it comes to site administration. This isn't a guarantee that it will happen, but it has certainly been discussed.
  17. SkieFire

    Account Problem: Trying to submit icon on new account, not working... but no problems with the file?

    Re: Trying to submit icon on new account, not working... but no problems with the fil If we do ever disable submissions, there will always be a message saying so. The issue yesterday was something to do with the process that resizes submissions having a fit.
  18. SkieFire

    Looking up old Shouts.

    Foxfire07 has a note :)
  19. SkieFire

    12 April 2012 - Error 500 - FIXED

    The site is currently having trouble accepting submissions so all users will be seeing Error 500 messages. Techs are looking at it. EDIT: And its fixed.
  20. SkieFire

    About being added to a list on FA

    Send a note to the group and ask to be removed. If they wont, then submit a TT and will poke them with sharper sticks.