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  1. Hellegg

    Hiring: Closed ^^

    I think my style might work for you! I work with prismacolor and copic markers Headshot Badge $35 Halfbody Badge $40 Fullbody Badge $45
  2. Hellegg


  3. Hellegg

    Hiring: $5 - $100 Commissions

    Hello! I hope im not to late for your consideration! I'll add in my commission sheet here!
  4. Hellegg

    Free Art: Need Sketch Examples!

    Heyo! I'm in need of some characters to make sketch commission examples with! More complex or interesting characters will probably be more likely to be picked! for headshots I'm gonna pick three - @KD142000 - @Godzilla - And for fullbody im gonna pick two - @Leadhoof - @A Minty cheetah Im...
  5. Hellegg

    Hi, what's your favorite pokemon?

    Thanks! I'm really determined to use pokemon that are not only cute, but dont evolve either.
  6. Hellegg

    Hi, what's your favorite pokemon?

    I have this team I'm trying to build thats made up of Mimikyu, Pyukumuku, Minior, Komala, Togedemaru, and Comfey because I love all of them
  7. Hellegg

    Hi! I'm new!

    Hi! I'm new!