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  1. {Foxums Prippit}

    Telling your parents you're gay

    Yeah... It's something that I feel, at twenty one years of age, should probably be addressed. I'm kind of getting sick of mum saying things like, 'Oh she's a nice girl isn't she, why don't you take her out' - and such things. Obviously I'm not bothered by her saying it, but it does get...
  2. {Foxums Prippit}

    Furry Anime

    I was wondering if anybody here could throw a few titles at me of any Furry-related-anime type stuff, as I haven't a bloody clue. I'd google it, but I'd much rather have the opinions/suggestions of fellow fur-meeps. :) *Tail waggles*
  3. {Foxums Prippit}

    Fandom Sociology

    I came across this article on wikifur a short while ago and found its contents rather interesting. I am sure many here would have already seen this maybe, but I am sure there are many who have not. As I understand, the study was carried out by David J. Rust at conventions between 1998 and 2000...
  4. {Foxums Prippit}

    *Nuzzles forum in greeting*

    Good day to you all, just making the obligatory introductory posting here. There is a possibility that I have already been here, but lost log in details and stuff over time, due to University being a royal pain in the ass in the 'Nomming of ones free time' department. But regardless I'm here...