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  1. Kidkaboozle

    so...maybe this means something.

    I'm a poor ass commoner without a herald, my dad's side came from South German settlers in the 17th century, and my mom's side are all Belgian alcoholic artists and professors even up to now, so I'm not really of noble blood, just an alcoholic coy gardener who likes surrealism and perfectionism
  2. Kidkaboozle

    What kind of furry are you?

    I'm in college for linguistics...and I'm an ok shot putter...and a mediocre musician...and I hike good? I don't know! Stop judging me! I have nothing to offer to you people, leave me alone! AAAAAHH!!!
  3. Kidkaboozle

    Relaxing tips?

    Backpacking, playing jazz piano, petting a pet, smoking a dooby, going for a run, drinking a cup of tea, smoking a black and mild, eating crunchy vegetables, taking a nap. All at the same time.
  4. Kidkaboozle

    Cryptic messages found at Western University

    Yeah, I actually find this stuff fun and really cool, and I think it does mean something, though I think they just made it for S's and G's. I did something like this once with a friend and hid it in my highschool's art room, but it wasn't so complex, it was just some card that said "cult of the...
  5. Kidkaboozle

    looking for some furrs to hang out with

    Yeah, I live in Eastern PA, so I'm not nearby, but I can empathize, my parents and brothers think furries are freaks and perverts, so the furry fandom is kinda my little secret. Plus, I have quite a few good friends, but I don't really have any furry friends to share my whole interest in furries...
  6. Kidkaboozle

    Split species furries?

    Yahar!! A PA take over! Anyways, yes and no? I'm a bit of a changeable person, and with it my fursona I'm like a mashed up cat, goat, otter fuzzy thing?? With a big enough tail that I can hug! Or just pick one, because I certainly can't.
  7. Kidkaboozle

    when did you know you were a furry or otherkin or furbaby

    I kinda want to ask what a furbaby is...but I kind don't... I always liked cartoons and movies and stuff whith anthros since I was a kid, I dunno. And then I hit puberty, it became a sexual thing, I thought I was just being a weird ass teenager, found the furry fandom, liked it, became an...
  8. Kidkaboozle

    Remember kids furries are bad fur yer brainz

    Or maybe you just want to prevent others from hindering your furry agenda of indoctrinating possible recruit while their minds are soft and malleable! Ha, I caught you!!!!! ​Lol, I JK
  9. Kidkaboozle

    things you just dont understand

    bitcoins, hotheadedness, and copperphilia.
  10. Kidkaboozle

    What are your thoughts about NSFW Furry artworks/images?

    I'm a very live and let live person, as long as they aren't hurting anyone, or anyone's property, I think everyone should be allowed to do what makes them happy, and I frankly find it a bit arrogant and self-righteous for someone to make another do otherwise. Personally, I like porn, and that...
  11. Kidkaboozle

    Have you ever lied about your name online?

    Well I use this username universally, with everything, but I'm not really afraid to use my first name at least, because really, there are millions of Nicholas's out there. Though before that I was a paranoid little teenager, and so I change to Raphiel Caulfield, which at the time I thought was...
  12. Kidkaboozle

    Things that make you feel nervous.

    The smell of rubber, but a very certain kind of rubber, like the very pungent cheap kinds. If I sit around too long or have nothing in my hands or mouth, I freak the fuck out, no joke. I get bad jitters and I just want to run around crazy, hence I love to run and I'm alway chewing on gum and...
  13. Kidkaboozle

    The grossest thing that recently happened to you

    Aight, check this So, me and my sister in law stayed up all night and got wasted on apple cider whiskey and beer and had some good talks. Little did I know, women's foo foo whiskey and pan pizza do not mix. Feeling something bad going on in my stomach, I meander (stumble) my way to the...
  14. Kidkaboozle

    How would they drive?

    Well look at cars fitted for those who can't use their legs (yeah they really have those) and there lies your answer.
  15. Kidkaboozle

    the proper way to die

  16. Kidkaboozle

    the proper way to die

    With a sword in my hand so I can make it to Valhalla. In a giant jar of Nutella. With Leonardo Di Caprio.
  17. Kidkaboozle

    Non-Smoking Smoking Habits Thread

    Well I'm a very kinesthetic person, as in I like to touch and feel things a lot and have things in my hands (I'm a hug/snuggle whore too), so much like a cigarette, when I'm working on school stuff I feel like I'm missing something if I don't have a writing utensil between my fingers, and will...
  18. Kidkaboozle

    Hello to you all

    Yupp, so I had a FA account for a while, so I figured I might as weel get a FA forum one too. So I have been a furry for a few years now, but I'm just making a presence in the community, but it's not very significant. I really wish I could be a bigger part, but my talents lie else where from...
  19. Kidkaboozle

    Furry pride is scaring me away from a meet

    You have to love some of the creative insults coming from Aussies/Brits But, on topic, I can understand your frustration, but at the same time I don't think pride in necessarily a bad thing in of itself, but rather how much and what kind of pride you have. I have sort of the same issue with...