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  1. Jayy-Dog

    Ever wanted to animate something or even have animated?

    I personally animate but loose motivation a little after starting it. But i like the process. What are your thoughts on it?
  2. Jayy-Dog

    Out of curiosity

    Who here animates digitally? Show your work! I'd love to see 'em!
  3. Jayy-Dog

    (you) What got you into the furry fandom and why?

    Personally I got into it by all the art and how-- variable it can be drawn. The pure mixture of style and design compliments it. I am an aspiring animator hoping to reach Vivziepop's level and that alone inspired me into drawing more and more hoping to reach full potential! Now, as the title...
  4. Jayy-Dog

    Made a storyboard!

    Any other furs do animation?
  5. Jayy-Dog

    Furry discord! W.i.p.

    We're a small group of furries looking for anyone to have chat with x3 we don't bite! Please read the rules before chatting! Discord
  6. Jayy-Dog

    Hello Everyone!

    'New to this and all, i just wanna be able to make friends and find people with certain interests x3 I like ALOT of things, but one thing people gotta be aware of about me is yiff, i love yiff. If you don't then i respect your opinion x3 I also like drawing and animating, i've been doing it for...