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  1. Kangidonmaru

    Free art! Come one, Come all!

    owo? ... ~poofs~~
  2. Kangidonmaru


    :D sounds fun... but idk how to get there >.< lol soz ( strawberrypink husky pup wiff blue eyes usally in/ around an old boot, a red collar/ harness i somtime have on) :3 >.< no refs :/ srry i did this wrong x3
  3. Kangidonmaru

    Help/Request UK

    haihaii ^w^ thinking of becoming a suiter i have no exp, no fursuits, and very lazy/sleep personality but a creative mind but horrible at explaining things... On another note me and my fiance are going to be looking for fursuits or a suiter in england :3 (/ and jobs,house,etc x3) any tips? /...
  4. Kangidonmaru

    Hello! Long Time Listener - First Time Caller

    hehe :3 haihaii ^w^ (san deigo area)
  5. Kangidonmaru

    Free Art XD

    nice :D
  6. Kangidonmaru

    Free Art XD

    >.< ~trys to hold himself back from licking the sunburnt wolfl and the lightheaded foxxy~ ;_; idk what to do to help
  7. Kangidonmaru

    the hi im new here post XD mrew!

    hai haii :O!!! ~puppylicks~ welcome :3
  8. Kangidonmaru

    Free Art XD

    feelin any better shapeshift? owo
  9. Kangidonmaru

    Free sketches C:

    could u do one of me when u get the chance? (strawberry-pink husky pup wiff blue eyes) usally in/around an old boot :3
  10. Kangidonmaru


    ~glomps~ :O welcome
  11. Kangidonmaru

    Free Art XD

    :o love your work :D ... ~licks your bruise affectionatly~ get better :o
  12. Kangidonmaru

    I would like to get an FA account, please...

    ^w^ prolly the runt around here but.. if your not too busy could i get an FA account made please?
  13. Kangidonmaru

    Come one, come all! Free art for the furry masses! ANYTHING GOES!

    Pm'd my request ^o^ my name is Barry btw :3
  14. Kangidonmaru

    I'll be practicing.

    :o can i have one of me? (strawberry pink and white husky pup wiff blue eyes) ((likes to be in and around old boots and chewing on them or sleeping in them))
  15. Kangidonmaru

    Need a fursona! Pics.

    hehe malanok, ~puppylicks u~ >:3
  16. Kangidonmaru

    In the 41st Millennium there is only fox...

    owo ~puppylicks the new guy~
  17. Kangidonmaru

    Hi! <3

    :o ~pokes head out of my boot and sniffs u ~shyly says hewwoz~ then slouches back down out of sight~
  18. Kangidonmaru

    Free Art XD

    nini ^o^, if u could tommarrow could u draw my fursona in a ripped up boot? wiff some scraps me and a full tummy ^w^ pink strawberry husky blue eyes, my name is Barry btw ^-^
  19. Kangidonmaru

    Hey there

    Welcome ^o^ ~glomps~ >.> .... <.< ...>.> watch out for .... stuff :3 ~puppy licks to those who read this~ >:3
  20. Kangidonmaru

    Free Sketches taking requests

    TY!!!! i love it :)!!!