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  1. InvaderPichu

    Need $400 fast, selling cheap commissions

    I need to make $400 quick before this month is over. My roommates and I are short $400 for rent, and if we don't have it by the end of the month, we'll be homeless. So yeah, need money fast. Sketches are $3. Example: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6005987/ (NSFW) Lineart is $6...
  2. InvaderPichu

    I'm taking commissions! (mostly anything you want!)

    I'm a bit low on money so I'm taking commissions. I draw all sorts of things, anthro, feral, vore, gore, most things are a-o-k with me! Only things I can think of that I don't draw are scat, vomit, infantalism, and, obviously, hate art. ANYWAY, the prices: Sketches are $3. Example...
  3. InvaderPichu

    What you thought when you were a kid.

    (stole this idea from another forum) We all thought silly things when we were little, only to find out they weren't quite as true. What silly crap did you believe when you were little? Mine: ~I used to think God was real. And that he and Jesus were always watching me. Watching ME. ALWAYS...
  4. InvaderPichu

    Once April Fool's is over...

    ...can we keep the Llamas? :lol: