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  1. jmac32here

    Need a New Reference Sheet

    So, I recently made some updates/changes to my fursona, and am looking for a decent artist to help me get a new reference sheet for him. I keep a detailed description of him here: dws.3host.com: Description of Drako Swiftclaw I'm looking for pricing between $25-75 USD. What I want: A front...
  2. jmac32here

    The TNSC Community

    Greetings. Name is Drako Tags. I am the founder of a newer community site, better known as The TNSC Community. TNSC is The New Site of Creativity, and is a a full fledged community focused on the celebration of creativity and freedom of expression. TNSC offers Art Contests, Galleries, Forums...
  3. jmac32here

    Comment options

    This is coming up in regards to when users post work done for them by other artists. Was thinking of having the option of disabling comments, for those of us that link to the original works, it would make the commenter have to goto the original to post their comment. If you want you could...
  4. jmac32here


    hello...this is Drako kitten...just wandered into the forum