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  1. WarMocK

    Switching to Linux

    Alright folks, since quite a few people in this forum already talked about switching to Linux (and quite a few probably consider it) I think that we should focus this discussion in this particular thread so anybody who needs some advice knows where to look for it. :D I'm gonna fire it up by...
  2. WarMocK

    IMPORTANT: Guidelines for the market.

    In order to make things easier for you (and for potential customers) it would be a good idea to keep the following things in mind: Use prefixes: "The Black Market" is either for selling or buying stuff, but if you don't tell us or the others what you exactly want in here you might wait for a...
  3. WarMocK

    IMPORTANT! A few hints about requests and trades!

    In order to make it easier for you (and for others) to find and manage trades and requests please keep the following points in mind: - Use prefixes: When starting a new thread, please select a prefix in the list next to the "Title:" textfield that matches your thread topic (or gets as close as...
  4. WarMocK

    IE 8 - and the nightmare continues

    When reading the Inquirerer I stumbled over a little article about the "extraordinary" compatibility of the IE 8 concerning the most popular sites on the www. To make things short: IE can't show the most popular websites correctly - including Microsoft's very own homepage. :D...